4 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool this Summer

July 9, 2019

It’s No Sweat to Make Your Car More Comfortable During the Hottest Season of the Year

Getting into a sweltering hot car is one of the worst experiences summer has to offer. Your car can trap heat, causing the temperature inside to rise within minutes. There are ways to reduce the amount of heat entering through your windows to beat the summer heat and keep your car cool.

And, Tint World® offers window tinting and other products and services that can make the cool-off process quicker. Here are our tips for beating the summer heat!

  1. Tinted Windows: A good way to consistently block out as much heat as possible is by getting your car windows tinted.
  2. Throw Some Shade: Sun Shades are a great way to help block UV rays beating down from the sun on your windows. They help keep the temperature of the inside of your car lower, which can help your car cool down quickly once started.
  3. Shaded Parking: If it’s an option, parking in the shade or under covered parking can also help reduce the temperate of your car. Pro tip: Park the front of your car away from the direction of the sun so that the heat hits your rear window instead of your windshield. This can help keep the steering wheel and front seats slightly cooler.
  4. Don’t Blast the AC: Once you’re rolling, turn your air conditioner on, but not to the Max AC setting. Max AC circulates and cools the air already in your car, but other settings draw cooler air in from outside. Instead, set the AC midway and crack your windows and/or sunroof. This creates an airflow that allows warm air to escape and cool air to circulate.

Tint World®’s window tinting services are a great way to make your ride cool and comfortable this summer. Our stores carry a variety of shades to meet your style and coverage preference, and we back up the service with a nationwide tint warranty. For more information about our window tinting or any of our other products and services, contact your local Tint World® today.