Your Car Needs Protection from the Summer Elements

July 2, 2019

Nano Ceramic Coating from Tint World® Has Got Your Covered

It’s the height of summer, and that means plenty of fun in the sun. Vacations, cruising, boating, all these activities are getting you — and your vehicle — out in the warm summer weather. The smart outdoor enthusiast reaches for the sunscreen and other protection from the elements before setting off on summer adventures, but have you thought about protection for your car?

Just like your skin, your car’s exterior and interior can suffer from the sun’s damaging UV rays, including fading, cracking and deterioration. But Nano Ceramic Coating from Tint World® can act like sunscreen for your car, and it protects from more than just the sun. Here’s how!

  1. Block the Rays: Over time, UV rays will fade your car’s paint job, making it lose that hot-off-the-lot color you loved. Nano Ceramic Coating blocks UV rays and can withstand extreme heat up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Nix the Nitty Gritty: You might love to feel the sand between your toes, but salt and sand from your beach vacation or hiking expedition can take a toll on your car’s exterior. But Nano Ceramic Coating rates a 9H on the industry hardness scale, providing plenty of protection from oceanfront and mountainside corrosion.
  3. Remember the Interior: The inside of your car needs protection from the summer sun, too. Nano Ceramic Coating can be applied to all interior surfaces — even leather — to block harmful UV rays, and minimize wear and tear to keep your interior looking like new.
  4. Watch it Roll Off: With summer storms outside and wet swimsuits inside, water damage can be an issue for your vehicle. Nano Ceramic Coating’s long-term super-hydrophobic properties that bead and shed water can protect your car’s interior and exterior from water and water-caused damage.

Tint World® offers a variety of Nano Ceramic Coating packages and applications, so we can tailor the service to fit your needs — and your vehicle’s needs. Nano Ceramic Coating can protect your boat and recreational vehicles, too. Contact your local Tint World® for more information.