4 Ways To Modernize an Aging Vehicle

December 4, 2015

It’s more common today for Americans to drive older vehicles. The average age of a car on the road is approximately 12 years old, and 16-year-old cars make up more than 20 percent of the entire vehicle population. Even if your older ride is in tip-top mechanical shape, the standard advancements found in newer models, like backup cameras, Bluetooth stereos, and GPS systems, can make yours feel especially dated.

Instead of trading in or letting go of your beloved car, truck or SUV, modernize it with aftermarket mobile electronics.  At Tint World®, we love our older rides and go out of our way to keep our classics up to date. Here are just a few ways you can do the same:

  • Backup cameras: By 2018, all new passenger vehicles (weighing less than 10,000 pounds) will have backup cameras as a mandatory standard. The enhanced convenience of being able to see exactly what’s behind you can make parking and everyday life much safer, but what if your car doesn’t have one? Aftermarket backup camera systems can be installed seamlessly in virtually any vehicle, and certain products even mimic OEM manufactures with integrated rear-view mirror displays.
  • GPS Systems: Going beyond a suction cup display on your windshield, integrated GPS systems can be installed in your car just as if it came from the factory. Advancements in mobile electronics fabrication have created a number of solutions that can integrate perfectly in your center console or dash so you can have a GPS that isn’t in the way.
  • Bluetooth: Hands-free audio isn’t just convenient, it’s safer than conventional stereos as well. By having Bluetooth car audio installed, your older vehicle will become a modernized ride with higher quality sound than any factory vehicle on the road today.
  • Radar detectors: One product that not even the latest vehicles have are radar detectors. By working with a trusted mobile electronics installer, you can have the power of safety alerts and laser protection in an inconspicuous package that can even light up inside your car’s gauge cluster.

Holding on to an older vehicle can do wonders for your budget and your sense of pride, but there’s nothing wrong with adding extra modern marvels every once in a while. If you want to maintain your car’s charm while staying safe and convenient, contact your local Tint World® to talk about mobile electronics upgrades today.