The Future is Bright for These Car Lighting Trends

September 22, 2020

If you’re looking for ways to give your car or truck the look and function that fits your style, upgrades to your lighting might be the way to go. Just like the rest of your car, lighting technology and trends are always changing, with new aftermarket upgrades coming to market every year.  Tint World® installs custom auto lighting including laser headlights. At Tint World®, we’re committed to staying ahead of the trends, offering our customers the best and latest aftermarket car lighting upgrades available. We even offer protective upgrades for your new lighting like Nano Ceramic Coating. Here are a few of the latest car lighting trends. 

Laser Lights 

This innovation is set to put halogen, xenon and LED headlights in the shade. With brightness of almost four times today’s LEDs, laser headlights can be made smaller without sacrificing brightness or light intensity. They also operate much more efficiently than an LED. These lights will provide light up to double the distance of standard LEDs 

Smart Headlights 

Adding to the trend towards assisted driving, smart headlights can help keep all drivers on the road safe. These headlights continuously analyze driving conditions, weather, time of day and more, adapting lighting levels automatically. By sensing oncoming cars, smart headlights can automatically adjust brightness to keep from blinding oncoming drivers. No more forgetting that your brights are on! 

Interior Lighting 

Interior lighting packages are also a great way to add some personality to your vehicle. You can even add LEDs that shift colors according to a programmed schedule or via a remote control, or app!  Tint World® carries and installs a full line of automotive lighting upgrades, from decorative and flashy lights to futuristic technology. If you would like to learn more about the aftermarket lighting we have available, just contact your local Tint World® today.