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Ceramic Coating Protects Your Vehicle

Tint World® Ceramic Coatings are extremely durable, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and super-glossy. We only attach our name to the best products in the business! Our car ceramic paint coatings are the most advanced long-term protective care technology for your vehicle. Once applied and cured, Tint World® Ceramic Coating protects against scratches and provides a barrier between your vehicle and environment conditions and UV rays.

Tint World® Ceramic Coating enhances and protects more than your vehicle's finish. It can also be applied to glass, plastic, metals, chrome, vinyl graphics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and leather surfaces to protect the interior of your vehicle. Our ceramic coatings are specially formulated for on-road and off-road vehicles including RV's, ATV's, tractors, boats, motorcycles, snow mobiles, watercrafts, aircrafts, firearms, helmets, and more.

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Get The Ultimate Protection For Your Vehicle

Tint World® Ceramic Coating provides superior protection of dirt-repelling and water-cleaning capabilities for your vehicle.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating:

  • 9H Hardness for Extreme Scratch and Chip Resistance

  • Advanced Protective Super Hydrophobic Application

  • Ultra-Glossy Appearance with Deep Color Mirror Effect

  • Self-Cleaning Properties Provides Extended Durability

  • Less Maintenance from Dirt-Repelling Capabilities

  • Years of Protection from Corrosion and Contaminants

  • Protects from UV Damage, Oxidation, Acid Rain

  • Withstands Extreme Heat Up To 1400 Degrees° F

  • Lifetime Warranty Available

Ceramic Coating Packages & Features

Tint World® offers Automotive Ceramic Coating Packages that maximize the protection for your vehicle's surfaces!

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Waterless Wash & Dry
Clay Bar Paint Finish
Light Compound Paint & Polish
Alcohol Wipe Down
Ceramic Base Paint & Trim
Ceramic Top Coat Paint & Trim - 1 - Layer 1 - Layer 1 - Layer
Ceramic Windshield & Glass - 1 - Layer 2 - Layers 2 - Layers
Ceramic Wheel & Caliper - 1 - Layer 2 - Layers 2 - Layers
Interior Cleaner Treatment - - -
Interior Textile Coating - - -
Warranty 2-Year Warranty 5-Year Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Ask About Our Additional Ceramic Protection Services:

Rag Top Textile Treatment • Tint World® Nano-Ceramic Tire Shine • Maintenance Packages
*Paint Correction service is additionally based on the condition of the vehicle. 2-Step base compound paint and polish may ben needed an older vehicles for paint correction. Lifetime warranty available with annual maintenance package purchase which includes SIO2 Spray 4-times a year.

Tint World® Ceramic CoatingKnowledge Base

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ceramic coating, ceramic coating near me, ceramic coating for cars, ceramic coat

Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating was specially formulated with greater than 9H hardness for extreme scratch and chip resistance, UV rays and corrosion protection. Our advanced car ceramic coating system permanently "bonds" to vehicle paint and other surfaces and withstand extreme heat up to 1400 degrees° F. The coating is a crystal-clear liquid multi-layered application and the coating thickness can be increased with additional layers to provide a thicker and harder multi-layered lifetime protection.

Advanced protective care, nano ceramic coating

Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating is the latest and most advanced super-hydrophobic application that beads and sheds water for long-term protective care for your vehicle. Our ceramic coating provides a permanent shine and protection that resists dirt, brake dust, and tar from sticking to your vehicles' paint, wheels, trim and glass, which makes washing your vehicle easier, it stays cleaner longer, and it requires less frequent cleanings; once applied, you will never have to wax again!

Ultra glossy appearance, nano ceramic coating

Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating increases the gloss and shine of your vehicle to an ultra-glossy, deep color finish mirror effect that is incomparable to anything else on the market. The hydrophobic dirt and water repelling capabilities provide the maximum level of shine possible. Our car ceramic coating is great for protecting and preserving your vehicle in pristine showroom condition that is sure to impress when you’re out on the road. Our car ceramic coating is also available with a *matt finish.

Self cleaning properties, nano ceramic coating

Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating is self-cleaning. The formulation will attract water (hydrophilic) and encapsulate dust or other debris and then the hydrophobic portion will repel the combined dirt and water from the car. Its durability of water and chemical resistance properties will also protect your car from extreme weather conditions, contaminants, oxidation, acidic rain, snow, icy road salt, dirt, graffiti, bugs, bird droppings, and more.

Less maintenance, nano ceramic coating

Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating dirt-repelling capabilities require less maintenance. With Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating you will find that it’s easier to maintain a like-new finish and shine on your vehicle. Since our ceramic coatings are also self-cleaning, the need for regular waxing will become a thing of the past. Our ceramic coatings are a one-time application and when maintained correctly your car’s finish will shine for many years to come.

Paint protection, nano ceramic coating

Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating provides superior protection of dirt-repelling and water-cleaning capabilities for your vehicle and offers a two-year, five-year or lifetime warranty. Our car ceramic coating will enhance, protect and preserve the original protection and with minimum maintenance, your car’s finish will shine for many years to come, and help maintain its resale value.

Interested In Other Coating Services?

Let the experts at Tint World® help you keep your important surfaces in tip-top shape.

Tint World® Ceramic Coatings can be applied to hardwood floors, window treatments, kitchen surfaces, countertops, stainless appliances, bathtubs, sinks, marble, glass, plastic, leather, furniture, solar panels, barbeque grills, building exteriors, and more.

Preserve your office or commercial space surfaces with a professional Pearl Nano Coating from Tint World®! Our ceramic coating can be applied to almost any surface including floors, windows, glass, kitchen & bathroom surfaces, and building exteriors.

Tint World® Protective Coatings can be applied to any surface on boat or yacht including the exterior, interior and underwater surfaces. Once applied and cured, the Protective Coating bonds to the surface provide a very durable, hard, and flexible barrier.

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