Commercial Protective Coatings

Tint World® Is The #1 Commercial Protective Coating Service Center For Over 30 Years!

Tint World® is the #1 Residential Protective Coating Service Center for over 30 years! Preserve your office or commercial space surfaces with a professional Tint World® Protective Coating! This coating can be applied to almost any surface including hardwood floors, windows, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and building exteriors.

Tint World® Protective Coatings defend against scuffs, scratches, oxidation, and UV rays while providing a super glossy finish and shine. All protective coatings are also hydrophobic, safeguarding your surfaces from corrosion, abrasions, and extreme temperatures.


Tint World® Residential Applications for Protective Coatings

Graffiti on window

When Tint World® Nano Ceramic coatings are applied to exterior surfaces, graffiti paint will not adhere to the surface and can be removed with water alone. Maintain a professional and pristine building exterior by investing in Protective Exterior Coatings from Tint World®.

Office lobby
Surface Ceramic Protection

Office spaces with high foot traffic areas will last much longer with the application of a Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating. Hardwood floors will keep their like-new condition for years with a durable barrier form scratches and scuffs.


Commercial Ceramic Protective Coatings can save you time and money by making cleaning and maintenance much easier. With a protective coating, all you need to clean is water and a mild detergent, which also makes your office or commercial space more eco-friendly.

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Tint World® Also Offers Protection Coatings For Automotive, Marine, and Commercial Industries!

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Automotive Paint & Protective Coatings

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Marine Paint & Protective Coatings

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Commercial Protective Coatings

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Tint World® Offers The Best Commercial Protection Coating & Backs It Up With A Lifetime Warranty

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  • Over 30 Years of Experience

    We adhere to the highest standard of paint coating excellence, so we only employ the most experienced and professional coating application experts. Each of our Tint World® Commercial Paint and Protection Coating experts have years of experience so you can count on us for expert paint and protection coating application done right the first time.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We are confident our nano coating product and service is the most scratch and water resistant paint coating product on the market. This is why each paint coating service we offer includes a lifetime warranty.

  • Best Paint Coating Prices

    Thanks to our franchise's national buying power, we can offer this superior paint coating service at low prices so you can get our expert results for a great cost.

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