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Clear Bra Lets You Use Your Cargo Space without Abusing Your Paint

February 27, 2012


A camping trip is a classic example of a time when it's tough to load up without scraping up your cargo area.


From sporting equipment to family pets, people like being able to load up whatever they need for wherever they’re going. It’s great to have a vehicle with plenty of cargo room, but it isn’t always easy getting everything in. Heavy or awkwardly-shaped (or both) objects can make cargo loading a struggle, and with plenty of vulnerable exterior finish surrounding the cargo bay, your lower back isn’t always the only victim.


Some vehicles may have more room than others, but any driver who gets regular use out of their cargo space has experienced the fear of scraping paint with whatever you’re loading and unloading. No matter how careful you are, it always seems that a rogue golf club, folding chair, or another piece of gear that you thought was clear reaches out to scrape the paint finish on your rear bumper or other areas surrounding the trunk and cargo area.


You may have accepted these little scrapes and scratches as an inevitability (especially if pets are involved), but there’s actually a cheap, simple solution that makes your cargo area impervious to damage from any items that might not go into the trunk as quietly as you had hoped.


Clear Bra Installation – An Invisible Shield for Your Cargo Area


Clear bra is a thin, invisible shield of urethane film that is easily and affordably installed on any areas that may be at risk of damage. At Tint World, clear bra is computer-cut to fit any part of your vehicle so you can protect entire sections, or individual parts of your exterior finish. Even a single, strategically-placed strip of clear bra can be all you need to prevent loading-related scrapes and scratches as long as the film is applied. Clear bra requires no special treatment after installation, and it can easily be removed and replaced without any effects to your paint or finish.


See How Clear Bra is Installed (and uninstalled) in this video:

Suggested Areas of Application


Top Rear Bumper / Trunk Ledges(*Featured in Video)

Many vehicles have an exposed section of finish at the top of the bumper just before the interior of the trunk or cargo area. This is one of the most vulnerable places when loading and unloading your vehicle, making one of the most popular areas for cargo protection.


Rear Bumper

Unless you’re really careful, the rest of the bumper is usually at risk too. It’s easy to accidentally hit the bumper while loading supplies, and if pets are constantly jumping in and out, there are probably plenty of claw scrapes too – damage that can be prevented by clear bra.


Tail Lights

The tail lights aren’t far from the cargo area either, making them a prime area for damage from a loading blunder. A couple small pieces of clear bra can be applied to prevent scratches and up the durability of your tail lights.


Find Affordable Clear Bra Installation at Tint World

It only takes a few pieces of clear bra to make a much more forgiving cargo loading and unloading experience. Find a local Tint World today for fast, affordable clear bra installation and make cargo damage one less thing you have to worry about.


Find Clear Bra Installation Near You

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