Clear Bra Lets You Use Your Cargo Space without Abusing Your Paint

February 27, 2012

From sporting equipment to family pets, people like being able to load up whatever they need for wherever they’re going. It’s great to have a vehicle with plenty of cargo room, but it isn’t always easy getting everything in. Heavy or awkwardly-shaped (or both) objects can make cargo loading a struggle, and with plenty of vulnerable exterior finish surrounding the cargo bay, your lower back isn’t always the only victim.


Some vehicles may have more room than others, but any driver who gets regular use out of their cargo space has experienced the fear of scraping paint with whatever you’re loading and unloading. No matter how careful you are, it always seems that a rogue golf club, folding chair, or another piece of gear that you thought was clear reaches out to scrape the paint finish on your rear bumper or other areas surrounding the trunk and cargo area.


You may have accepted these little scrapes and scratches as an inevitability (especially if pets are involved), but there’s actually a cheap, simple solution that makes your cargo area impervious to damage from any items that might not go into the trunk as quietly as you had hoped.


Clear Bra Installation – An Invisible Shield for Your Cargo Area


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