When it comes to car care, pay attention to the details

June 26, 2017

Tint World® detailing services can ensure you ride with pride

Nothing succeeds like success, but first, you have to look the part.

The condition of your car can communicate aspects of your personality. A well-maintained automobile projects professionalism and attention to … detail. That is, of course, why we call it detailing your car.

Here are five reasons to let us resurrect and protect your car through the high-quality detailing services we offer at Tint World®:

  1. Resale value. Some fairly minor repairs and detailing of the interior and exterior – and engine – can increase the resale value of your car by $2,000. If we consistently detail your car—say, twice a year—a presale detail will be a pine-scented breeze. You also want to ensure your dashboard, seats and other parts of your car’s interior stay clean, uncracked and untorn.
  2. Safety. Our detailing options include a thorough cleaning of your headlights and turn signals. A dirty, bug-encrusted headlight will emit noticeably less light. Detailing will also leave your windshields and side windows crystal-clear, reducing glare and ensuring better visibility at night.
  3. A clean ride is a more comfortable, healthy ride. It also projects professionalism and ensures you don’t take a client for a ride tainted by the smell of those decomposing French fries and moldy milkshake residues.
  4. Long-term protection. Your car is a big investment and is key in most areas for getting to a job, shopping and toting your family around. If you live in an area prone to harsh winters and accompanying road salt and sand, that crud can accumulate on your undercarriage. Failure to thoroughly clean that undercarriage and protect your paint can lead to rapid deterioration or, at least, lessen your car’s value at trade-in or resale time.
  5. Wheels and tires. Have you ever seen what happens to bicycles ridden on the beach if they are put up, unwashed, on multiple occasions? Well, the tires can easily rot from sand and salt exposure. The same principle applies to your vehicle’s tires. Clean and well-maintained rims and tires can prevent sidewall rot and corroded wheels.

Summer is a great time to commit to regular detailing visits. You should have your car detailed by the experts here at Tint World® at least twice a year. Our detailing packages range in price and scope, from a simple vacuum and wash to more extensive detailing options that include hot-water cleaning of fabric and carpet.

Find the Tint World® nearest you, or request a quote to ensure you are paying full attention to detail on behalf of your car.