Ditch Summer Dirt With Tint World® Auto Detailing

October 12, 2022

We know how hard winter can be on our vehicles. Snow, ice, salt, and freezing temperatures take a visible toll every year.

But summer can be tough, too. After a steady months-long schedule of road trips, family vacations, outdoor excursions, and other adventures, our cars, trucks, and SUVs have experienced it all.

It’s not just the usual grass stains, pet hair, and spilled snacks and drinks, either. They’ve been exposed to sand, UV rays, extreme heat, debris, and other material that can do real damage to your vehicle’s finish.

A dirty or damaged exterior makes driving a drag. It can also effect the vehicle’s resale value! So the shoulder season is a great time to give your vehicle the close attention and TLC it deserves with Tint World®’s expert automotive detailing services.

Tint World®’s professional detailing delivers hassle-free protection and great style that will set you up for maximum driving pleasure this fall. Choose one or two services or upgrade to one of our value-packed detailing service packages. There’s one for every budget and lifestyle, and they all include our professional-grade products and advanced applications such as Liquid Glass, Leather Shield, and Fabric Shield.

Here’s just a sample of Tint World®’s industry-leading detailing services:

  • Scratch and swirl removal: Our experts will wash and buff the exterior with correction compound and then apply premium crystal polish to seal the paint and provide a deep, glossy look.
  • Interior spot and stain removal: We’ll clean the seats, carpets, mats, doors, dash, console, and headliners with our specially formulated stain removal process.
  • Odor and mildew elimination: Expertly applied state-of-the-art specialized products help get rid of most odors, including mildew, tobacco, food, mold, and pets.
  • Interior shampoo: Clean, protect, and preserve the inside of your vehicle with our industry-leading shampoo service.

If that’s not enough, we also offer reconditioning or headlight restoration, or you can get long-term advanced protection with Nano Ceramic Coating.

Don’t let the sorry state of your vehicle drag you down this fall. Check out Tint World®’s auto detailing services to restore the showroom finish and interior you love. Visit the nearest Tint World® location to schedule an appointment or get more information.