Forget 2020. What About 2040?

July 14, 2020

Let’s Imagine Car Audio of the Future

Looking to the future is always a ton of fun. And let’s admit it, so far 2020 hasn’t gone as expected. So, why not turn our imaginations to 2040, and what in-car entertainment might look like, and sound like, in 20 years. At Tint World®, we love staying on top of all the car audio industry developments, and we’re excited to see what the future might hold. So, here is a little speculation about the in-car experience of 2040 from the Digital Radio Summit 2020: During that event, Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU’s director of technology and innovation, presented the keynote speech. He emphasized the relevance of in-car audio content, both linear and not, which would result from the proper blending of broadcast and IP feeds integrated through appropriate, next generation system and user interface. Radio World later spoke to Arcidiacono about how he imagines the car will look 20 years from now. He said he imagines himself sitting behind the wheel, finding himself in a type of semi-mobile living room in which the multimedia system welcomes him and understands his present mood.

The Future is Now

If the car of the future is going to feel like a living room, we hope it will include a recliner. While we’re waiting for that, though, Tint World® is ready to outfit your vehicle with state-of-the-art car audio and speakers. The best technology is tech you don’t have to think about. That’s why the new vehicles coming onto the market have seamless integration and no-cord charging for smartphones. Tint World® stocks the best car audio options in the world from stereo heads to the latest smartphone integration technology. These systems can give drivers and passengers hands-free access to GPS mapping, voice assistants, and the best streaming services for music. No matter what lies ahead, you can count on Tint World® to stay ahead of the trends and bring you the latest aftermarket technology. Just contact your local Tint World® for more information.