Fortify Your Business’s Windows with Tint World® Safety & Security Window Film

April 17, 2024

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs business owners on average $3,370. Many small business owners work diligently to protect their businesses by joining local business watch groups or installing cameras.

In addition, weather-related events can also cause damage to a business. The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) indicates that in 2023 alone there were 28 extreme weather and climate disasters throughout the U.S. costing upwards of $92.9 billion.

Business owners should ensure their operations are seamless and their establishments appear welcoming. Windows often serve as a gateway to the essence of a small business, reflecting its character and warmth. It’s important to promptly address any issues like damage from vandalism, break-ins, or storms, or to avoid them all together, in order to maintain the business’s inviting appearance and integrity.

With Tint World® Safety & Security Window Film, business owners can fortify their windows against impact, minimizing damage.

Our glass protection film serves multiple purposes to enhance safety and security. It helps mitigate the risk of injuries by holding broken glass in place during accidents or natural disasters, reducing the potential harm caused by shattered glass. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses, allowing them to maintain operations even while glass is being replaced.

Additionally, our film provides a crucial barrier of protection for glass installed in elevated areas, safeguarding occupants, pedestrians, and property from the dangers of falling glass shards.

Engineered to address various security concerns, including forced-entry crimes, vandalism, and explosions, our safety and security films are designed to keep broken glass intact and deter intruders from breaking and entering.

Tint World® Safety & Security Window Film features:

  • Shatterproof protection
  • Anti-smash and grab
  • Tempered glass window film
  • Impact blast mitigation
  • Active shooter mitigation
  • Window film anchor system

Mitigating risk is essential to every business owner’s overall success. Don’t let taking care of your windows, the eyes into your business, be one you don’t consider important. Call the experts at Tint World® today and let us help you protect one of your greatest assets. Call 800-767-8468 or find a location near you.