3 Must-Have Franchise Social Media Messages

September 10, 2020

A franchise brand’s social media is so important to every aspect of the business. From attracting customers to recruiting the best talent, social media plays a role in everything. That’s why franchise brands need to make social media a marketing priority if they are going to grow and thrive in today’s economy.   Social media isn’t just for teens with cellphones anymore. Adult decision-makers rely on social media for news, communication and information about products and services. Social media holds the power to align you brand with decision-makers’ values and grow your market share.   As an automotive franchise, Tint World® is constantly refining how we leverage social media to make our brand better. Here are three must-have social media messages we’ve identified that facilitate that growth. 

Who We Are 

Nothing helps people connect to a brand like other people. Social media is a great place to put faces with your brand name. Tell your brand story, showcase your professional staff, share candid photos, and let people get to know their local franchise owners. 

What We Do 

It’s OK to plug your products on social media. In fact, it’s an ideal place to share eye-catching, amazing photos of your brand’s products and services. Capitalize on viral media and let your followers’ interest do the talking for you. 

Why We Do It 

Every brand needs to stand for something. What does your brand stand for? Put your values and the lifestyle your brand represents on center stage with your social media messaging. The people who share those values will come to you, building your brand capital.   At Tint World®, we support our franchise location owners with robust social media campaigns, but we also ask that they put their own spin on social media in their own markets, ensuring that customers get the “who” along with the “what.” If you’re interested in being the local face of a national brand, we would love to hear from you. Just download our franchise kit for more information.