Gear Up For Summer Time

June 12, 2014

Summer is full of good times with beach trips, BBQs and pool parties, don’t let the heat get in the way of your plans to hit the road and kick off the new season. Summer officially begins this week, and now is the time to take the right precautions to protect you and your vehicle against the high rising temperatures. Follow these five steps to protect your ride against the threats that are coming with the new season.
1. Prepare Your AC
Before hitting the road for a long commute, you’re probably cranking up the air conditioner to stay cool during a long drive. Because you are using your AC more than usual, it can be very exhausting to the system. Make sure that your AC is working properly so that you can stay cool during your fun summer trips and travels.
2. Protect The Interior
Whether you’re hanging out at this beach this summer or stuck in the office during work, your vehicle is likely to sit in the heat for hours with little or no protection. In order to protect your car’s interior, take the time to invest in tinted windows or a windshield cover. Tint World® offers a wide variety of Window Tinting Services that will get the job done while also giving your vehicle a fresh new look. It’s also worth the money to invest in leather protectants – an efficient way to protect the beautiful leather seats and the dashboard of your vehicle. Do you park somewhere without a cover or parking garage? Try to park in a shady spot for extra protection and leave the window down an inch or two to keep your vehicle cool.
3. Check The Coolant System
Nothing can ruin summer plans like a glitch in your engine before hitting the road. In order to maintain the safety of your vehicle, don’t forget to check the water pump and the engine’s coolant before grabbing the wheel. Always wait an hour or so before opening the car to check the radiator cap and never open it when your vehicle is running hot.
4. Test Your Battery
The Summer heat can drain your vehicle’s battery because of the excessive fluid evaporation. Take the time to test the battery before hitting the road to kick off your fun summer plans and make sure that your vehicle isn’t due for a new battery anytime soon. Maintaining the cleanliness of the battery will also ensure that it will work properly.
5. Keep Your Ride Looking Good
Want to maintain that fresh new car look? Waxing your vehicle regularly throughout the summer can help protect your vehicle against heat damage, while also helping it to maintain a great appearance. Take your car in for one of our Waxing Services to give your car that extra shine and even greater heat protection. Regularly washing your vehicle will give the exterior the extra protection and the topcoat it needs to prevent heat damage.

Don’t let the hot temperatures take a toll on your summer plans. Stop by Tint World® and learn more about our Paint Protection Film, an effective way to protect the paint and exterior of your vehicle. Not what you are looking for? Browse our online store for the latest Car Parts & Accessories to spice up your ride’s look and get it ready to hit the road for this summer. Talk to one of our specialists to find the right fit for you and your car. Tint World offers everything you need to gear up for summer.