Give your vehicle the ultimate in protection with Tint World®’s Nano Ceramic Coatings

April 20, 2022

Looking for the ultimate in protection for your vehicle?

Something that provides durable, long-lasting resistance to dirt, rock chips, oxidation, the sun’s UV rays, and other environmental debris?

But even if that kind of protection was available, you couldn’t get it with a lifetime guarantee, right?

Think again! Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coatings offer the most advanced hydrophobic protective technology on the market. Plus, they provide unparalleled protection from exposure, extreme conditions, the elements, and human error.

Most importantly, Nano Ceramic Coatings offer constant peace of mind. With the industry’s premium ceramic coating serving as a protective barrier between your vehicle and the elements – and two-year, five-year, or even lifetime warranties available – you’ll always be able to rest easy knowing your investment looks great, lasts longer, and will hold its resale value better.

Here’s some of what you can expect from Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coatings:

  • 9H ceramic protection: Tint World®’s advanced Nano Ceramic Coating system is a crystal-clear multi-layered liquid application that permanently bonds to exterior and interior surfaces, offering lifetime protection against scratches, chips, UV rays, corrosion, stains, and extreme heat.
  • Advanced protective care: In addition to resisting dirt, debris, and the environmental elements, Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating’s super-hydrophobic application beads and sheds water. This means your vehicle stays cleaner, longer. Plus, don’t forget the time you’ll save now that you’ll never wax again!
  • Ultra-glossy appearance: Nano Ceramic Coatings help bring out an ultra-glossy mirror finish to your vehicle that helps preserve that showroom look for years to come.
  • Self-cleaning properties: The same hydrophobic qualities that keep dust, dirt, and debris from collecting on your vehicle’s finish, also helps ensure you won’t have to wash it as often.
  • Less maintenance: Tint World®’s one-time application Nano Ceramic Coating keeps your vehicle’s finish like new, without expensive waxing or other treatments, when properly maintained.
  • Years of protection: Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating will enhance and preserve the look of your vehicle with minimum maintenance, protecting your investment and saving you from some of the stress and costs that come with unprotected repairs and upkeep.

Visit your nearest Tint World® Automotive Styling Center™ to find out more about the protection that Nano Ceramic Coatings can provide for your car, truck, SUV, or boat!