Got Tint?

February 25, 2014

Even though Tint World is now a national automotive styling franchise, it all began with one service: window tinting. And how has window tinting grown into its own industry? It is an industry filled with all types of materials, application techniques, and has moved beyond just automotive and into both residential homes and commercial office buildings. Yes, it makes windows look a lot cooler and adds privacy, but the benefits of window tint is truly remarkable.
We all know about the relationship between cars and window tint. It’s great. Not only is it affordable, but it makes your vehicle look a lot better – adding a simple layer of tint instantly adds a sleek, cool style to any vehicle. But did you know that even clear window tint has other benefits such as helping lower cancer risk? Drivers tend to feel protected from UV rays when they’re inside their cars, but they can be just as vulnerable to cancer risk as someone sunbathing on the beach. It’s been noted that any driver that spends enough time in a car and get sunburned should install car window tint – nearly eliminating the risk of UV damage while driving. Even if the look of tinted windows just isn’t your style, you can still apply clear UV blocking window film that does’t darken windows, but still protects you from harmful UV rays.
As for residential homes, applying window tint can also provide some additional benefits. You may be aware that window tint can actually cut down cooling costs, as our Solar window film blocks as much as 80% of the sun’s heat, but did you know it actually reduces heating costs as well? The same Solar window film will retain interior heat during colder seasons. Save even more money as residential window tint can keep your furniture, carpet, and hardwood floors from fading, essentially blocking harmful UV rays that cause wear and tear on those items.
When it comes to commercial window tinting, the benefits are clear. You don’t want to work in an uncomfortable office building with the sun beating on you throughout the work day. So much for the corner office surrounded by windows if you can’t enjoy it. Reduce glare and keep cool while you’re working with window tint. With different types of film material and application, window tint can also be used for decorative purposes – applied as a space divider, privacy check, or simple style addition to your office workspace.
With all these benefits, Tint World continually strives to deliver the best window tint film as well as expert installation to our customers. When it comes to window tinting, a precision fit is vital in order to get the most function out of your window tint and to get that cool custom look. After all, window tint is pretty pointless if you still have the sun light shining through spaces at the edge of your windows, which is why we use a precise computer-cut film system so you can enjoy the best tint installation available.