Tint World’s Valentine’s Day Sale

February 4, 2014

It’ll be easy to fall in love with your vehicle all over again thanks to Tint World®‘s Valentine’s Day Sale. Spoil your car this year with everything from detailing services, to remote starters and other accessories – after all, your car does a lot for you, so show it you care.
Cars are a little hard to shop for since they don’t like flowers or chocolate, but we have you covered when it comes to showing your vehicle that it gets your motor running. Spend some cozy time with your vehicle with the help of seat heaters available at Tint World®. During our special Valentine’s Day Sale, we can install a seat warmer starting at $299.95 with additional passenger seats at $249.95 (saving you 20% off!). If your Valentine’s date went south leaving you cold and frigid, warm up to the comfy seats of your vehicle and let your heartbreak melt away.
But lets say your Valentine’s Day plans with your sweetheart is going well and you’re heading back to your vehicle after a night out. What better way to show your date you care by thinking ahead? With the remote start one way starter combo at Tint World®, you can have your vehicle running, heaters at full blast, and (of course) those cozy seats warming up. By the time you and your Valentine get out of the night chill and into your vehicle, you’ll be too tempted to just relax and cuddle. Get the remote start one way starter combo installed for just $179.95.
We all know that Valentine’s Day is the big date night and we all want to look our best. Imagine you’re dressed to the nines, but the first thing your date notices when you pick her up is just how insanely dirty your vehicle is. Don’t worry! Tint World®‘s auto detailing services can get your vehicle just as fresh as you are for the night. Right now during our Valentine’s Day Promotion, you can buy one economy detail package and get one free! So even though you plan to pick up your date, show her you care by getting her car detailed too! Go the extra mile and put some fresh flowers and treats in her car once the detail is done – what a gentleman!
Tint World® also has its own treats for you and your vehicle. With the purchase of an automotive window tint package of your choice, we’ll give you a windshield strip for free! Add some style to your vehicle to match how suave you’ll be looking for Valentine’s Day. We’re also currently offering 10% off all our Accele products so you can add safety to your vehicle with back-up video systems.
But don’t stop there because right now the more you buy at Tint World® the more you save! Save up to 30% when you spend over $999 at Tint World® – now’s the time to get those little dings and dents out of your vehicle or even add the stereo system you’ve been yearning for – anything to set the mood for the big night.