Give Your Vehicle a Fresh Start

January 23, 2014

The great thing about the New Year is that it’s a fresh start. With the holiday season definitely over, you now have more time to pick things up that fell through the crack during the past month or two–taking care of your vehicle being one of them.
Give your vehicle the ultimate fresh start with a complete auto detail at Tint World®. Our interior detailing services takes out all the dirt and grime out of seats and floors, rejuvenates dry leather surfaces, and brings back that new car smell. You’ll be amazed how fresh the inside of your vehicle can be. As for the exterior, Tint World® can provide more than just a wash and wax. Our expert detailers can transform a fading paint job into a showroom finish. Tint World® takes the time and effort to clean and rinse your vehicle of any oxidation and impurities, then protects it with quality wax that also gives it that shine its been missing.
After your vehicle’s been detailed, consider adding some style to it for the year ahead. Automotive window tinting instantly adds that cool, sleek style to any vehicle. Not only does window tint give a vehicle a cool look, it also keeps the driver and passengers feeling cool thanks to its UV Ray protection qualities. Additional privacy and an extra layer of protection against break-ins also adds to the appeal of window tint.
If you’re looking for more a personalized, or possibly customized, style for your vehicle, check out Tint World®‘s stock of interior and exterior accessories. From HID and LED lighting to custom dash accessories, Tint World® has it all and can even seamlessly install it for you. Light up the streets at night with LED underglow lights by controlling over three million colors and multiple patterns with a wireless digital remote while sitting comfy in your newly refurbished seats.
What’s a fresh start without at least a couple of electronic upgrades? From security to entertainment, consult with an expert Tint World® technician to create a custom package that’s right for your vehicle and budget. Do yourself a favor by investing in state-of-the-art security alarms for your vehicle. Forget what you think a car alarm is, Tint World® carries top vehicle security alarm brands like Viper which provides a system for remote start, window automation, programmable voice systems, tilt sensors, backup battery sirens, and more.
As for other electronics like audio and video, the sky’s the limit. Choose from top brands like Sony, JVC, Kenwood and more and equip your vehicle with the latest and hottest video and audio products. Whether it’s a sound system of your dreams or the mobile entertainment system your kids are dying for, Tint World® can make it happen.
Come into Tint World® today and give your vehicle a fresh start for the new year.