Set Sail in Style

January 9, 2014

In addition to auto styling services, commercial tinting and residential tinting, Tint World® also offers tinting, detailing, electronics, and graphics for your boat or yacht. Make sure your watercraft is ready for spring and summer with professional marine services from Tint World®.

Boat and Marine Window Tinting

When you’re relaxing out on the water, window tinting can add privacy and also protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer. Window tint will also protect your boat’s interior plastic, vinyl, and leather from fading and cracking due to prolonged sun exposure. Window tint instantly gives any watercraft cool, custom look and protects your eyes from glare when navigating the open waters.

Boat and Yacht Detailing

Whether you’re entertaining friends, fishing, or just enjoying the water, make sure your watercraft is ready for any occasion with professional boat and yacht detailing from Tint World®. Over time, salt spray, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants build up on your vessel. Regular marine detailing will help to keep rust at bay and keep your hull, fiberglass and wood looking like new. Regular waxing will also keep your vessel shining and your interior in pristine condition.

Marine Audio

Tint World® carries the top electronics brands for your boat or yacht including GPS systems, Bluetooth, iPod adapters, stereos and speakers. Tint World’s expert installers can seamlessly integrate stereo and speaker packages and even set up an MP3 adapter so you can enjoy music straight from your iPod. Turn your yacht into a floating entertainment system and listen to your favorite music the next time you’re out on the water. For safety and navigation, every fisher also needs a GPS system.

Marine Wraps and Boat Wraps

Next time you’re out on the water, turn heads with vinyl graphics from Tint World®. Personalize your watercraft with printed graphics and lettering and make your boat match your style. Tint World® can also design any graphics you are looking for to set you boat or yacht apart. With the use of a special perforated material, you can also wrap over windows without compromising visibility. Adding your logo and phone number to the side of your boat is the perfect way to advertise you business generate leads.

Tint World offers professional marine styling services and installations all year long. Contact your local Tint World® to learn more or receive a free quote!