Hold it together during a storm

June 6, 2017

Tint World® storm protection film can prevent injury, death

The majority of injuries – and many deaths – in a hurricane or tornado are caused by flying glass shards.

But Tint World® can help hold your windows together in the face of high winds, hail or errant golf balls or baseballs.

It’s not hard to understand: Severe winds propel debris into windows or break them outright, and the wind then picks up the shards and hurls them at high speed into people or their pets. This is known in the forensic and medical world as “penetrating trauma.” Massive blood loss and death are the worst-case scenarios, but most injuries will require, at a minimum, emergency medical care and stitches to close lacerations.

Large hail can also break your windows. But even an errant baseball, golf ball or tree limb can shatter your windows, posing a risk to those nearby and those who have to dispose of the shards. Shattered windows can also expose the interior of your home to additional wind or water damage.

While it may not be practical to maintain storm shutters on a structure, Tint World® offers a relatively simple solution to further protect your property and prevent glass-shard injury to you or your loved ones:  storm protection film.

The protective film can be installed by our professionals to offer additional protection to glass doors and windows. It makes your windows more resistant to shattering in the first place, but if they do, the film will hold the shards together, keeping the dangerous matter of debris from flying in all directions.

Wind speeds of 80 mph – not uncommon during thunderstorms and the lower end of hurricane-strength – can break windows on their own, but it’s typically wind-driven debris or pressure variations that will cause windows to implode.

But, again, it doesn’t necessarily take a storm to seal your windows’ doom. Wayward baseballs are among the top drivers of sports-related insurance claims. And if you live near a golf course – let’s face it, most people aren’t masters of the links – you probably have had a window busted out, or a series of near-misses.

It’s important to note that storm film cannot be considered a replacement for storm shutters or plywood during a tornado or hurricane, and the application doesn’t mean you qualify for insurance discounts.

But it certainly can’t hurt – quite the opposite, in fact.

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