How Tint World® can Upgrade Your Old Styling Job

February 16, 2016

It’s been several years since your last automotive customization. The exterior and interior of your car are no longer up with the times, and it’s time to consider an upgrade from your vehicle’s previous styling job. At Tint World®, we know what’s up-to-date in the automotive styling industry, and we can help improve your vehicle with an all-new customization.

Here are three examples of what we recommend to upgrade in your vehicle:

The dashboard. Does your old dashboard not have the high-tech options and features that are available today? For example, instead of plugging in an AUX cord every time you want to listen to your music, there are plenty of inexpensive stereo head units with Bluetooth to sync to your smartphone. You can listen to your iTunes or Spotify – and not have to worry about plugging up your phone every time you get into your car. Also, a modified dashboard can integrate with aftermarket GPS systems for a factory-fresh look. There’s no need to have a GPS system that hangs from your from window when one can be installed in your dashboard.

New color. Getting a new paint job today can cost $3,000 – $5,000 if not more, meaning a change in color could be out of budget. However, vinyl wraps are becoming more popular to add on top of your existing paint. Because it’s removable, you can change the color of your car more than once at a fraction of the cost of a complete paint job.

Lighten your vehicle. Upgrading to lighter parts like aftermarket seats, wheels and other performance parts can do wonders for your ride. A lighter car will have better handling, speed, and gas mileage while on the road. After all, who doesn’t want to upgrade to a vehicle that has more power and efficiency?

If you are in need of an automotive styling upgrade, contact your local Tint World® location today. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality service to reach all of your expectations when it comes to customizing your vehicle.