How to Choose the Best Auto Detailing Service

April 18, 2011

With so many auto detailers around, it can be tough to tell who’s going to do the best job. We’ve been offering professional auto detailing for over two decades here at Tint World, so we’ve learned what separates a professional detail job from, well, a not so professional job.

5 Questions To Ask Your Auto Detailer:

If your service can’t answer yes to all 5 questions, you probably aren’t getting the best detail available.

1. Do You Offer Multiple Service Packages?

If your detailing service is the real deal, they should be able to offer more than one basic detailing package. At Tint World, we offer many different individual services, and detailing packages so you can get just the right service for your needs and budget.

2. Do You Detail By Hand?

As opposed to mainly automated detailing, Tint World puts human auto detailing professionals to work on your vehicle. Machines car washes might work quickly and don’t need to take lunch breaks, but they also can’t tell if they missed a spot. Tint World auto detailers pay attention to the details to ensure quality every step of the way.

3. Do You Use Detailer Clay?

Most people have never heard of this tool, but detailing clay is a necessity if you’re going to get the maximum clean and shine of your exterior prior to polishing and protection. Detailer’s clay is specially-designed to attract exterior contaminants like a magnet, leaving an ultra-smooth and clean exterior finish.

4. Do You Use A Hot Water Extractor For Interiors?

If you have carpeted and fabric interiors, your detail service should be cleaning them with the right tools. Dirt and grime gets ground deep into interior fabrics, but it’s no match for the hot water extractor, which shoots cleaning fluid deep into fabric at extremely high temperatures while simultaneously removing dirt and fluid with a high-powered vacuum. It’s one of our favorite detailing tools here at Tint World, and the only way to get a really deep clean in your interior fabrics and carpet.

5. Do You Offer Any Kind Of Warranty?

How confident is the detailing service that they’ve done a good job? If they don’t offer a warranty, a red flag should go up. We’re so confident in our detailing services at Tint World that we offer a warranty for all of our auto detailing services.

Can your auto detailing service answer yes to all of these questions? If not, give us a call at Tint World. We take pride in our work and offer professional-quality auto detailing.