Tint World Marine Services: We Take Care of Your Boat

May 10, 2011

Tint World Marine Services

We don’t just do cars – in addition to services for your home, office, and vehicle, Tint World offers an extensive selection of marine services so you can enjoy our quality services on the water too. Boats and yachts need specialized care, tools, and materials to keep them looking great and performing at maximum efficiency. That’s why we offer a set of products and services that cater specifically to watercraft. At Tint World, we let you get the most out of your vessel with the following products and services optimized for your watercraft.

Marine Window Tinting

You know Tint World is your source for vehicle window tinting, and we deliver the same high-quality results with boats. You get the same benefits too – marine window tinting will not only add privacy and style, but UV and thermal blocking films will keep your cabins cool and comfortable, plus protect your interior leathers and other surfaces from cracking and fading from long days in the sun.

Boat and Yacht Detailing

Unlike cars and trucks, watercraft are faced with constant exposure to the elements as well as salt water, algae, etc. Want to keep your vessel looking shiny and clean all season? Tint World offers regularly-scheduled marine detailing which includes a comprehensive list of services, including:

– Marine Wax Sealant and Protection
– Interior Detailing
– Oxidation Removal
– Leather / Vinyl Restoration
– Rust Removal
– Metal Cleaning

Our marine detailers are specially-trained to take care of watercraft, so you can be sure your vessel is in the right hands and that you’re getting the best service available for boats and yachts.

Marine Audio / Video Systems

Want to add some fun to your boat? Tint World offers expert installation of audio, video, and other electronics products specialized for media entertainment on the water. Our consultants can help you choose from an extensive list of marine electronics to put together a marine media package that meets your needs and budget.

Mobile Electronics Options:

– Marine Audio Receivers
– Satellite Radio
– Marine Audio and Bass Packages
– Marine GPS
– Marine Video Systems

Marine Wraps

For style or commercial use, we provide boat wraps and marine graphics that will add a bright, colorful touch of style to any vessel. Boat wraps are an incredibly cost-effective method of branding and advertising your business, or they can serve to make your personal vessel a custom work of art. In either case, our experienced designers and expert installers will make sure your graphics have the professional look and fit you can expect from Tint World.

So the next time you bring your car into Tint World, remember we’re here to take care of your boat or yacht. Call us today and start enjoying all of our wide selection of professional marine services.

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