IWFA Boosts Awareness for Benefits of Residential and Commercial Window Film

January 25, 2012


The International Window Film Association (IWFA) has recently launched a campaign to educate the public on the dangers of direct sunlight glaring inside homes and offices. People often overlook the need to protect themselves from the sun while inside, but just like car window tinting, there are plenty of reasons to get professional window tinting for your home or office.


Most people have been taught that extended sun exposure outdoors is a serious health risk, but the risks of UV rays seem to be forgotten once people head indoors. As stated by IWFA executive director, Darrell Smith, “People often wear sunglasses outdoors during winter months to protect from glare and UV rays, but glare is ever-present inside too. That’s why the IWFA has been making an effort to discredit the assumption that the danger disappears inside homes and offices, and remind people that the dangers of direct sunlight are just as prevalent when shining through your bay window as they are during a day at the beach.


We’re not big fans of wearing sunglasses inside all day, which is why we happily offer residential window film and commercial window tinting to cut glare, block UV rays, and increase privacy. Structural window tint also makes buildings more energy-efficient by filtering thermal rays to reduce AC use, and reducing interior heat loss during winter months. This can make entire office heating and cooling systems more efficient, resulting in significant yearly energy and cost savings.


IWFA’s window film education campaign has found influence in several media outlets including radio shows, eco-friendly blogs, and Natural Home & Garden Magazine.


Tint World is a proud member of the IWFA and we offer expert installation of residential and commercial window film so you can enjoy all the health and environmental benefits the IWFA has been promoting for home and business owners everywhere.


They have provided a webpage dedicated to the publicity they have driven for the cause, so visit http://www.iwfa.com/NewsEvents/MediaReleases.aspx for even more details and reasons why you should consider residential or commercial window film at your home or place of work.


If you’d like to make your home or office safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient, find a local Tint World or contact a Tint World representative to schedule installation of residential or commercial window film and protect yourself indoors.


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