What Paint Protection Film Can Do for Your Car

May 4, 2016

Have you ever walked out to your car only to see scratches, paint chips and bug splatters all over the front? Simple everyday use can put your car’s paint through the ringer, and if you don’t do anything about it, your only recourse may be a costly paint job. Paint protection film from Tint World® can offer outstanding benefits in protecting your vehicle.

At Tint World®, we know you may not have the budget to spend thousands on a complete respray. We also understand how important a vehicle’s paint is for resale value – especially if it’s a high-end premium or classic car. This is where paint protection film comes in as it adds an extra, nearly undetectable layer of protection for your vehicle’s glossy shine. 
If you’re not aware of it, here’s what paint protection film can do for your car:

  • Paint chip avoidance: Drivers will commonly get chips within the first two to three months of owning a new car. Used vehicles are liable to be covered in little chips and scraps that could have been avoided by having paint protection film installed. At its basic level, the product is placed on the most vulnerable parts of a vehicle – the front, upper hood and the side-view mirrors. This 8 millimeter thick urethane film preserves the original clear coat and takes the beating of road debris and insects so you can avoid chipped paint.
  • Door ding and parking lot protection: We’ve all done it – opened our car doors only to hit another car, wall or poll. Because paint protection film can be installed on door edges, you can add an invisible bumper to protect your vehicle and other parked cars around you. In addition, the film applied to bumpers adds the same protection for low-speed parking lot mishaps.
  • Color preservation: If you just bought a brand new car, had yours resprayed, or want to preserve the original paint of a vintage ride, paint protection film is the best way to maintain that original shine. Available in Ultimate Kits with UV coating that can cover virtually the entire car, this film blocks color-sapping sunlight to maintain the original paint’s color and hue. Conversely, if you decide to cover just parts of your car, Tint World® offers exclusive paint protection film without UV protection. This lets your paint age naturally and in uniform to avoid different shades (like tan lines) when the film is removed.

Paint Protection Film is a cost-effective investment that will help maintain the resale value of any vehicle. To find out more about protecting your rolling investment, contact your local Tint World® today.