Reach Peak Performance and Chase Your Passion

June 22, 2022

These days, getting the most out of your vehicle’s performance goes a long way.

Investing in upgrades that enhance your car, truck, or SUV’s power and efficiency will pay off both on the road and at the gas pump. In the long run, you can have more time – and money – to spend chasing your passions.

Tint World® offers a full line of automotive performance service, with more than 2,300 brand-name parts available for everything from basic upgrades to full-on custom competition kits. If you don’t see something on the shelves at your local Tint World® store, we probably have it in our distribution center.

Here are just a few of the powerful performance upgrade features we offer:

  • Performance chips: Boost performance and achieve instant power gains and fuel economy with technology that bypasses your vehicle’s factory settings.
  • Power boost upgrades: When it comes to producing massive amounts of power, nothing beats a super-charged turbo boost with increased engine output.
  • Air-intake systems: Add horsepower, improve gas mileage, and boost all-around performance with an air-intake system from Tint World® Styling Centers.
  • Performance headers: Performance headers are designed to optimize exhaust flow out of your engine with larger ports, larger tubing, and smoother bends.
  • Throttle body spacers: No performance upgrade is complete without throttle body spacers, developed to enhance mid-range power, torque, and fuel efficiency.
  • Suspension lift kits: Whether you’re looking for a conservative, moderate, or extreme lift, Tint World® is your one-stop-shop for kits ranging from 2 to 10 inches.
  • Suspension lowering kits: Hit those tight corners and hug the road with a lowered suspension. We have coil springs, leaf springs, shackles, hangers, and all the parts necessary for a clean drop.
  • Performance brakes: If you have performance upgrades or larger/heavier custom wheels, chances are you need improved braking performance.

Whatever upgrade options you choose to boost your driving power, you can trust Tint World®’s certified performance technicians to deliver clean, fast, reliable installation.

If you’re ready for peak performance, visit the nearest Tint World® location. We’re the one-stop shop for performance upgrades.