Should You Keep Your Summer Tires?

November 19, 2015

For many drivers, summer tires mean maximum grip and on-road performance, but what happens when the weather goes from sunny to cold? Winter weather and summer rubber generally can mean less traction and control, but a complete switch to all seasons or even winter tires can be costly and lessen performance. This begs the question, should you keep your summer tires?

At Tint World®, we’re addicted to performance all year round and often experiment with which tire type brings the best out of our vehicles. There are a number of pros and cons to keeping your summer tires during the fall and winter, including:

Pro – mild winters: If you live in a region with generally mild winters, keeping your summer tires should be perfectly fine. Snow and ice are what will stop a summer tire from performing as it should, so if you rarely are met with these conditions, you can enjoy the increased performance all year long.

Con – frigid temperatures: All tires will become less pliable and durable as the temperature drops, but summer tires will do so significantly faster than all seasons or winter tread. Once the thermometer drops below freezing, a summer tire will have little to no grip.

Pro – better rain performance: Because most summer varieties have unique tread patters that help repel water and reduce hydroplaning, these types of tires often outperform their all season counterparts in the rain. If your winters are more wet than snowy, you can consider keeping your summer tires.

Con – cost: Keeping your summer tires may be appealing to your driving, but not to your wallet. All seasons are much more rugged and will last thousands of miles more than summer varieties. If maximum grip isn’t your top priority, you can save money by making the switch to a better-rounded tire.

Tire choice can be a tough decision for any driver, especially if you live in a region with all four seasons. It’s important to get expert consultation on what variety will best suit your needs, so make sure to stop by your local Tint World® location and ask our experts about tires for every type of ride.