Snow tires from Tint World® can help you keep it between the ditches Here are five things to keep in mind

December 27, 2017

Here are five things to keep in mind

It can be hard to keep your car between the ditches in a snowstorm.

Even if you have an all-wheel drive or an SUV, you can lose control without warning and spin right into trouble.

Tint World® experts can help you choose the right snow tire solutions for your region and needs.

Snow tires, while no substitute for a driver who knows how to get around in the snow, can keep you on the road to work or school this winter. You will have to decide whether it’s an economical investment based on your region’s climate – but remember, it even snows in the Deep South from time to time so be prepared.

Here are five things to consider if you are wondering whether you’d like new snow tires from Tint World®:

  1. Snow tires make winter driving safer. A study in Canada concluded that snow tires can reduce winter accidents by 5 percent.
  2. If you have high-performance tires, you definitely want to switch to snow tires in the winter for their better grip. All-season tires also don’t perform well in snow or ice once they shed just a few millimeters. All-weather tires are increasingly common, however.
  3. Some municipalities and states require snow tires – or even chains — in some areas. Snow tires are preferable to chains; chains provide even more traction, but can damage rims and wheels or the body.
  4. Always use four snow tires, otherwise you are going to find it tough sledding with uneven traction. You should always use the appropriate-sized and type of tire for your car or truck.
  5. Rigorous testing indicates snow tires outperform other tires in braking, handling and traction.


Don’t get stopped cold by poor tire performance this winter. Contact your local Tint World® today for a free estimate and more information on the advantages of snow tires.