From sound systems to security, Tint World® could trick out Santa’s sleigh

December 13, 2017

From racing stripes to exterior lights, we’ve got the magic sleigh and your loved ones covered for Christmas

Let’s step in Santa’s big black boots and take his reins for a second to ponder how he might trick out his sleigh. Not coincidentally, Santa’s potential sleigh bling could make great Christmas presents.

Assemble your elfin crew, hold on to your red Santa hats, pet a tiny reindeer and share this Christmas vision with us:

  • Lights: Santa could blaze his path this year with new exterior illumination affixed to his sleigh. He could also roll with some new fog lights or a roof-top light bar to spotlight his chimney descents and provide a lighted flight path for those eight reindeer.
  • Graphics: Old St. Nick could boost his around-the-world speed cred with some vehicle graphics. Don’t stop with racing stripes – add some flames, or a skull and bones to up the yar factor.
  • Security system: Santa has a load of expensive electronics in his ride, and nobody wants to get sleigh-jacked. He could choose from a range of Tint World® security products and features to protect himself and his sleigh even in the hardest ‘hoods.
  • New exhaust system: Would you want to be stuck behind eight potentially flatulent reindeer all the way around the world? Enough said. We could help configure an appropriate exhaust system. It could also boost sleigh performance.
  • Ceramic coating: It won’t protect old Santa Claus from a collision with a jetliner, but it will help deflect any random pieces of airborne debris he may encounter. Rooftop landings can lead to dents and dings. And have you priced a paint job for a vintage sleigh lately? Yeesh.
  • Audio and video systems: Forget “Silent Night.” Santa could get his bass on and rock out while rocketing across the sky. Tint World® has the most popular products, including stereo head units, CD players, speakers, sub-woofers, amplifiers, video monitors, DVD players, entertainment systems, and more.
  • Window film and tint: Our solar window film can help Santa keep his workshop utility costs down, and block some glare so he can get some sleep Dec. 26. Tinting his sleigh’s windshield screen can also cut glare from that pesky North Pole snow and ice.

We’re sure Santa would love these upgrades, and we encourage him, and you, to visit the nearest Tint World® for these and other great gift options.