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Tint World® Offers Custom Automotive Lighting That Are Sure To Fit Your Personality & Style!

Sports car with  lighting accessories

Don’t get left in the dark. Let the experts at Tint World® help you choose the right automotive lighting package for your vehicle. Tint World® offers products and installation for HID Lights, LED Lights, Fog Lights, Halo Lights, Under Car Lights, Grille Lights, Logo Emblem Ghost Lights, Off-Road Lights, Headlight Assemblies, Tail Light Assemblies, Sidemarker Lights, Lighting Kits and More.

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Interior LED Lighting

Sports car with HID kit

HID Lighting Kits

Halo lighting

Halo Lighting Kits

Ghost lighting

Logo Ghost Lighting

Fog lights

Fog Lights

Off road lights

Off-Road Light

LED strip

Exterior LED Strips

Lighting scanners

LED Lighting Scanners

Sidemark lighting

Sidemark Lighting


Headlight Assembly

Tail light

Tail Light Assembly

Parking lights

Parking Lights

Bumper lights

Bumper Light

Brake lights

3rd Brake Light

Light Bulb replacement

Bulb Replacement

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Tint World® HID Lighting

HID lights offer the maximum lighting technology for automotive lightings. HID lights are closer to the color of sunlight, making HID lights the ideal exterior car accessory for driving at night. Xenon HID lights are 3 times brighter and last 10 times longer than standard halogen lights (2500 hours for HID lights vs 250-500 for halogen lights).

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Tint World® Interior Automotive Lighting

Make your car glow with interior LED lighting. Tint World® offers the ultimate auto enthusiast’s neon interior LED Lighting packages. Neon interior lighting kits from Tint World® provide you with a range of ambient colors and options to set the stage. Whether soft and subtle mood lighting is your pleasure, or wild and crazy disco lights, these neon interior packages are designed to express your style. Chose blue or yellow for a soft setting, or run it hard with blue or red neon interiors.

LED Neon Interior Accent Lights are the best interior car accessory to add accent lighting to your car interior and show off your ride. Built for performance and durability, each interior neon bulb is encapsulated in high-impact polycarbonate resin to withstand the toughest conditions and elements. A built-in transformer in each tube simplifies installation so users are good to roll in no time.

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Tint World® Exterior Automotive Lighting

The best exterior car accessory to add some flash – LED Underglow Lights are the only choice when a premier LED underglow lighting kit is desired. Three million underglow colors and multiple patterns are selectable from a wireless digital remote. Hundreds of underglow color and pattern combinations allow you to project multiple underglow colors on each tube. With custom underglow exterior car accessories, you can bounce to the music, or freeze your favorite underglow color – all controlled from the palm of your hand!

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Tint World® Offers Automotive Lighting, Spray-In Bedliners, & Truck Accessories Designed To Fit Your Ride!

Red car interior with lighting

Automotive Lighting

Tint World® is the leader in auto styling accessories and lighting. We offer everything from HID lights to custom tail lights, fog lights, neon lights, interior LEDs, and more. Add custom lighting and style to your ride while also improving night time visibility.

Truck bedliner

Spray-In Bedliners

Protect your truck bed with a spray-in bedliner from Tint World®. Tint World® spray-in bedliners offer the highest protection from wear and tear. Our seamless-application and great-looking texture make spray-in bedliners the choice among truck owners.

Three trucks with accessories

Truck Accessories

Give your truck a truly unique look with truck accessories offered at Tint World®. Tint World® can set you apart with leading big name brands and products like body kits, grilles, roof racks, seat covers, train horns, step bars and more. The possibilities for customization are endless.

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