Tint World® can add window film to your home for spring

April 6, 2017


Spring is a time for renewal, so it’s a great time to add a new look to your home. Add a new dimension to any space in your home with home window tinting and decorative films from Tint World®.

Decorative window film can be applied to home glass for a beautiful, etched appearance without the high cost of sandblasting. Tint World® can add tinting and films to glass without removal for ease of installation.

Other features of our home window-tinting and decorative films include:

Glass enhancement
Home window tint and decorative window film retrofits existing glass and is suited for interior glass partitions, or the inside surface of outdoor-facing windows to create privacy and a unique upscale look. Options for use include:

  • Create privacy – Decorative window film and privacy film obscure outside views and reduces glare.
  • Frosted privacy film – Frosted glass is perfect for bathrooms, sunrooms, glass doors, and shower enclosures.
  • Insulating home window tint – Sun Control home window tinting reduces heating and cooling expenses.

Privacy films
Home window tinting and privacy window film allow natural light into your home while letting you privately enjoy the view. There are many types of decorative window film and privacy window film for you to choose from when taking on home window-tinting projects.

Frosted home window tint is the best privacy film for bathrooms or other rooms that are exposed to neighbors. Frosted privacy film is translucent, meaning light will still enter in the daytime, but no one can see in from the outside.

Spectrally selective home window tint
In addition to privacy film, we offer a line of protective solar/UV home window tint. Technological advances in home window tinting offer virtually clear, untinted, and non-reflective glass with protection from fading and heat offered by darker, reflective window tint.

Our spectrally selective home window film will not change the look of your home’s interior or exterior and will reflect up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat and 99 percent of the UV rays that cause fading.

This spring, add a new look with home window tinting and decorative films available from Tint World®. Contact your local Tint World® location to request an appointment and learn about the different options.