Tint World® can give your engine and body a boost

October 23, 2017

We offer accessories that experts agree can give your vehicle a boost, whether you’re an amateur stock car driver or just someone who likes to make your drive to work a little more interesting.

From rims and wheels to spoilers, we can meet your needs. Here are four accessories experts acknowledge can give you an edge:


  1. Suspension systems: The components to your car’s suspension are numerous, and what you need vs. what you want can take up a whole other conversation. The tighter or lower your suspension is, the better your car will respond.
  2. Brakes: Don’t make the mistake of putting your brakes on the bottom of the list of your automotive performance priorities. High-performance brakes mean shorter stopping distances, which can make all the difference on congested roadways. Replacing your standard pads and rotors to premium ones is a good place to start. And if we install larger wheels and tires on your vehicle, you are going to need larger brakes, too.
  3. Exhaust: Don’t make the mistake of installing an after-market tip that looks like a coffee can; it may look cool and sound loud, but it actually saps some of your power. We can make sure your aftermarket exhaust system operates at peak efficiency.
  4. Engine: We can install a performance intake, which can be paired with a power programmer/boost controller to give your vehicle more power.

So whether you want more horsepower, quicker acceleration, better road-handling or just want to throw on a few after-market accessories for kicks, contact your nearest Tint World® location today!