Tint World® graphics and wraps can get your company on the road to success

May 28, 2018

Research shows incredible value in vehicle wrap advertising

Tint World® can help get your business on the road to success with a range of vehicle graphic services. Car wraps and decals offer the most bang for your advertising buck, so you can sink those savings back into building your business. A standard delivery truck garners 16 million impressions per year, according to the American Trucking Association.

From trucks to vans, Tint World® can wrap an ad around your ride. This truck was wrapped at the Doral, Florida Tint World®.
The Longwood, Florida Tint World crew added a graphic to this beer delivery truck.

We’re not talking about a plastic chicken or pizza sign perched on your car’s roof. Here are a few ways Tint World® can help propel your business to the next level, all the while adding pizzazz and style to your company rides.

  • Versatile: We can affix graphics, logos, decals or wraps to your car, van, truck, recreational vehicle or boat. Take your ad message on the road or water and reap dividends.
  • Customizable: Our stable of professional graphics technicians can help you decide on the right message, color and style to advertise your brand.
  • Removable: If you don’t want to turn your ride into a permanent billboard, we can create removable magnets, graphics or stickers so you only rock them on the clock.
  • Wrapped: Our vehicle wraps can cover your entire vehicle with graphics customized for your message. Ninety percent of drivers notice the words, images, and messages emblazoned on vehicles.
  • Custom graphics and lettering: We can work with you to develop decals and customizable lettering and vinyl graphics. Modern perforated vinyl materials even allow us to display decals on windows without compromising driver or passenger vision. We can cover your ride from fender to glass in high-visibility graphics and lettering that are bound to draw attention.

Get your message in front of eyeballs on the road. Contact Tint World® today for ways to get your company’s brand on people’s minds out without busting your advertising budget.