Tint World Helps You Beat the Heat and Upgrade Your Summer Style

August 9, 2023

There are plenty of good reasons to consider a premium window tint package from Tint World® this summer.

Whether you’re looking for protection from harmful UV rays, a cool style upgrade, or a way to enhance the overall privacy of your driving experience, we have you covered with our industry-leading custom window tint service. We offer a range of window tint packages to meet the needs of every driver, every lifestyle, and every budget.

We offer several options to fit your needs and budget:

  • Economy: Our economy package comes with our 1-ply, charcoal-colored film. With 34% solar rejection, it comes with a one-year limited warranty, and is offered in three shade options: 70%, 50% and 40%.
  • Premium: The premium package comes with our 2-ply metal hybrid film that is available in charcoal, bronze and blue. Like the economy package, the window tint is available in 70%, 50% and 40% shade. The Premium film has 45% solar rejection, 8% light reflection and 99% UV ray rejection. The scratch-resistant, micro-edge finish makes the tint easy to maintain over time. This package comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Supreme: Our supreme package comes with our 2-ply carbon film. With shades varying all the way down to 18%, this film rejects 55% of the sun’s solar heat. Available in neutral black, it also reflects 5% light and rejects 99% of UV rays. Our carbon film has twice the scratch resistance as our Premium package film, along with no electronic interface. This package comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Ultimate: The complete Tint World® window film experience! Our premium ceramic film is six times more scratch-resistant than the carbon film offered in the supreme package. A testament to its durability, the film also provides shatter-resistant protection. Our nano ceramic film rejects 99% of UV rays and 80% of infrared rays. It’s available in neutral black and offers up to 5% shade and 62% solar rejection. This package also comes with a lifetime warranty.

No matter which package you select, all of Tint World®’s films are computer-cut using a state-of-the-art window tinting system and installed by expert technicians to ensure a perfect fit. And if you’re unsure about what the legal restrictions are on tinted films in your state, Tint World® even maintains a resource guide to help you make an informed decision that is compliant with local laws.

Visit the nearest Tint World® location to learn more about our custom window tinting services and all the other aftermarket styling products and services we provide.