Using vehicle wraps to promote your business

February 21, 2017

Think about how much time you spend in your vehicle each day; would it surprise you to learn that the average American spends 293 hours a year behind the wheel, according to  During your time behind the wheel, you are likely to see a number of other vehicles on the road that may catch your eye. Take advantage of the time that individuals spend driving by turning your vehicle into a moving billboard with professional vehicle wraps available from Tint World®

Statistics show than 91 percent of people notice words and graphics when displayed on vehicles, so working with your local Tint World® location to create custom vehicle wraps and graphics can help your business stand out in the crowd. Other benefits of using custom vehicle wraps and graphics from Tint World® include:

Return on Investment: Your one-time cost for adding vehicle wraps and graphics to your company vehicle will offer a higher return on investment than other outdoor media advertising. You can set up your vehicle at special events, drive your vehicle around town and even set up your vehicle in a set location to take advantage of the millions of impressions that you will receive from your investment in Tint World® vehicle wraps and graphics.

Easily customizable: The vehicle wraps and graphics that can be created by Tint World® for your business can reflect the information that you want to share about your business. If you have a new location, specific promotions or even want to rebrand your business, the vehicle wraps and graphics professionals at Tint World® can help you create a custom, branded look for your business that you can deploy throughout your area.

Fast Turnaround: The vehicle wraps and graphics that you can add to your vehicle fleet from Tint World® can be created quickly, allowing you to reach your target markets faster than other outdoor media advertising. From special sales to other timely information, Tint World® can work with you to turn your opportunities for promotion from an idea to reality for your vehicle quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

Take advantage of the power of vehicle wraps and graphics when you learn about the different options that are available to promote your business from Tint World®. If you are ready to learn more about the vehicle wraps and graphics options that are available from Tint World®, contact your local Tint World® today to see how our teams can assist you!