Window tint is not just for summer

September 1, 2017

Tint World products can protect you and your vehicle all year

It might seem counterintuitive to consider tinting your car, residential or commercial windows as the air turns brisk and the trees begin their annual show of fall color.

But tinted windows can serve a valuable service even in the depths of winter. Here are three reasons to tint your windows at Tint World® before Old Man Winter begins to emerge from his summer slumber:

  1. Reduce glare: We’ve all been there. You’re cruising along and all of a sudden you find yourself gliding through a stop light or stop sign because late-evening or early-morning glare temporarily blinded you. On a lucky day, this might lead to a sigh of relief or even a chuckle. On a bad day, you’re going to get hurt, or hurt someone. In winter, the sun comes in at even lower angles, increasing the potential for blinding glare. There’s also the matter of snow and ice on roadways and sidewalks reflecting light directly into your eyes. Quality window tint will help cut the glare.
  2. Save money: Window tint can actually improve the gas mileage on your vehicle. You won’t have to run the heat so much because warmth is trapped inside by darkened windows. The same principle holds true for your home and business: Light and its heat can get in, but its reflection and heat loss is inhibited by window tint. That saves money on your utility bills, while also reducing the overall glare entering your home or business via snow or ice.
  3. Reduce theft: Tinted car, residential or commercial windows can disguise the heap of gifts on your back seat or beneath your Christmas tree. Car and home burglaries spike during the winter, so this ounce of tinted prevention can be a pound of cure.

Whatever the season, Tint World® can perform any tinting job to your desires and specifications. Contact the Tint World® nearest you today and give yourself an early Christmas present.