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Tint World® Experts Offer Paint Protection Tips for Peace of Mind

May 9, 2023

The National Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise advises Ontario drivers to take steps to safeguard their vehicle from sunlight, dirt, and debris

Tint World® Burlington, the leading auto accessory and window tinting provider for the Ontario area, offers tips to help drivers protect their vehicles from the elements and extend the life of their exterior paint.

Sunlight, dirt, and debris can lead to chips, scratches, and other damage. Over time, minor damage can lead to corrosion and rust, severely affecting a vehicle’s appearance and significantly reducing its resale value.

“Our vehicles take a lot of damage from the elements and daily wear-and-tear,” said Tint World® Burlington owner Zaeem Faiz. “Left untreated, small nicks and abrasions add up. When your vehicle’s appearance is compromised, your driving experience suffers. Worse, minor aesthetic damage can lead to structural damage that is costly and difficult to reverse.”

  • Park in protected areas: When possible, park your automobile inside your garage or away from potential nuisances such as pollen, gravel, sand, and sun exposure.
  • Wash and wax: Frequent deep cleanings prevent dust and dirt from embedding in the paint, which can lead to corrosion.
  • Wipe down high-contact areas: Use a microfiber cloth to remove oil and other substances from around door handles, the trunk latch, and other areas that experience frequent contact.
  • Invest in paint protection film: Premium paint protection film offers a convenient, reliable and lasting safeguard from sunlight and road debris. The nearly undetectable film can be applied to high-impact areas or the entire vehicle, including the windshield. The proven benefits of advanced automotive paint protection film include extreme resistance to scratches, chips, and stains; hydro-resistance to repel water and dirt; self-healing properties to protect from scratches and swirl marks; easy maintenance; increased resale value; custom computer-cut fit; and enhanced style.

“Paint protection film not only preserves the showroom finish you fell in love with, it provides lasting peace of mind,” Faiz said. “Once it’s applied, you can take your car, truck, or SUV out with confidence, regardless of the conditions or climate. On top of that, paint protection film helps you maintain the resale value of your vehicle or avoid excessive fees at the end of a lease. It’s an all-around solution for the everyday wear automobiles encounter.”

Tint World® Burlington offers a range of paint protection film packages and expert installation backed by a nationwide limited warranty.

Tint World® Burlington, located at 3-2279 Fairview St., Burlington, ON L7R 2E3, serves Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Brantford, Grimsby, Smithville, Palmer, Aldershot, Stipley, and Meadowlands. To schedule an appointment, request a quote, or find out more about the store, call (905) 234-0822 or visit

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