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Tint World® Meets Auto Aftermarket Installers and Consumer Demand through Big Box Electronics Stores Closings

July 13, 2012


Summary: As big box electronics stores like Best Buy close physical locations, customers and expert installers are losing a place for aftermarket automotive products. Tint World® Franchise meets the resulting demand by providing customers with a reliable source for products and installation and offers the relatively small pool of installation experts with a proven business opportunity.

WESTON, FL – July 13, 2012– The automotive electronics and aftermarket industry is in a state of shift. New cars will always have the latest gadgets, but in a sagging economy, consumers are reluctant to start payments on a brand new car just for a few updated features. Instead, many drivers turn to aftermarket solutions, creating heightened demand for aftermarket services like stereo installation, video accessories, or Bluetooth integration.

At the same time of this growing demand, however, a major source of these services seems to be evaporating. Big box electronics stores that also offer automotive electronics and installation centers have now begun closing physical locations due to the convenience of online shopping and the high overhead of maintaining a warehouse-sized storefront. Their automotive installation service isn’t enough to justify a physical location against the preference for online shopping, but big box closings don’t negate the fact that automotive customers still need a place to find professional installers of aftermarket products.


For installers and customers alike, the automotive franchise, Tint World®, has positioned itself specifically to meet this need and the business has seen explosive growth in recent years. For mobile electronics installers, Tint World® provides a way to turn their passion and skills in the automotive aftermarket industry into their own successful businesses. The Tint World® Franchise offers a tried and true set of business operations complete with national mobile electronics brands, an attractive storefront, comprehensive business support, and advanced marketing strategies included.


The Tint World® business has developed a refined system to meet customer demand for aftermarket products by offering high quality products paired with the expert installation that meets the need for a specialized physical location. In addition to all the electronics a customer would find at a big box store, Tint World® also offers window tinting, detailing, and other styling services, making it a one-stop-shop for any aftermarket need.


About Tint World®

Established 1982 in Tamarac, Florida, Tint World® is now the leading franchised provider of automotive, residential, commercial, and marine window tinting and security film services in the US. Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers also offer auto security, mobile electronics, performance and styling accessories, custom wheels and tire packages, auto detailing, and reconditioning services.