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Let our knowledgeable staff help you avoid unwanted lease charges. Stop in for a FREE Pre-Return Lease Inspection of your vehicle.

Leasing is an affordable way to drive a new vehicle, every couple of years. However, when it is time to turn your leased vehicle back in to the dealership, there are potential lease charges derived from “excessive wear & tear” damage.

Excess wear and tear can be windshield damage, small scratches or dents in the paint, interior burns, stains or rips along with a variety of “other” items dependent on the finance institution that owns the vehicle. These lease charges can be hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

What are lease return charges?

When you return your leased vehicle back to the leaser, you are responsible for any damages that the company deems as “excessive wear and tear”. The lease company or dealership will conduct lease inspections of your vehicle for any areas of damage deemed to be “excessive wear and tear”, when you return or trade it in. The cost of repairing any of this damage will be a recharge to you as added lease charges. The average vehicle owner is charged more than $1,800 when returning a vehicle – often for minor damage such as door dings, bumper scrapes, and minor interior damage.

Tint World® can help save you money with pre-return lease inspections

Tint World® provides a FREE End-Of-Lease Inspections! Our professional staff will examine your vehicle for damage that may lead to extra lease charges when your lease expires. Tint World® full-service auto appearance & reconditioning center can help you save money, because when you suffer lease charges for damage to your leased vehicle at trade in time, the price is usually defined by a dealership’s auto body repair center or a major collision center that will often replace damaged parts instead of repairing them for less.

Normal vs. Excessive Wear?

Normal wear is the minor and reasonable wear a vehicle endures in everyday, ordinary operation. Normal wear can include a few small door dings, paint scratches, stone chips less than 2 inches in diameter.

Excessive wear includes occurrences beyond the normal or ordinary wear a vehicle endures. This includes wear caused by neglect, abuse, damage, poor maintenance, changing the vehicle’s appearance or using inferior parts and materials for repairs. Most damage over 2 inches in diameter fall into this category and result in lease charges.

Damages that do and do not result in lease charges:


Dings – Dents – Chips – Scratches – Corrosion – Poor Repair

Normal wear

  • Individual occurrences of damage 2″or less in diameter
  • Individual occurrences of damage over 2″in diameter if they can be repaired for $100 or less
  • Scratches that can be buffed out during reconditioning

Excessive wear

  • Individual occurrences of body, bumpers and molding damage larger than 2″in diameter
  • Exterior missing or broken parts (regardless of cost)
  • Visible sand/grinding marks, rough texture, excessive overspray or bad color match larger than 2″in diameter
  • All damage that reduces re-marketability or impairs vehicle appearance

Wheels / Rims:

Excessive wear

  • Broken, cracked, bent or mismatched wheels or wheel covers


Normal wear

  • Any damage 1/2″ or less in diameter

Excessive wear

  • Any damage greater than 1/2″ in diameter or any hole

Lights – Turn Signals – Lamps:

Normal wear

  • Cracks 2″ or less in length

Excessive wear

  • Any damage greater than 1/2″ in diameter or any hole


Burn Holes

Normal wear

  • Burn holes 1/8″ or less in diameter

Excessive wear

  • Burn holes greater than 1/8″ in diameter Cuts – Tears – Singed Areas

Normal wear

  • Burn holes 1/8″ or less in diameter

Excessive wear

  • Cuts, tears and singed areas greater than 1/2″ in diameter Stains

Normal wear

  • Any removable stain

Excessive wear

  • Stains that cannot be removed and that require replacement of upholstery or carpeting

Entire Vehicle:

All of the following are considered “Excessive wear”
  • Non-operational or malfunctioning equipment
  • Substandard or incomplete repair
  • Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer’s specifications
  • Vehicle system failures that result from not adhering to manufacturer’s maintenance requirements
  • Any missing equipment (includes keyless entry remote) or broken parts
  • Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer’s specifications of equal quality and design
  • Any modification ,including, but not limited to, suspension modifications, changing vehicle color or non-factory paint schemes, lettering or graphics, holes in frame, post-delivery customizing, engine adaptations, fuel system adaptations, tinted or engraved glass.

Tint World® wants to ensure that you save money when returning you lease, so to be sure you are not surprised by any lease charges upon return. We recommend you bring your lease in for our Free Tint World® Lease Inspection that takes 15 minutes of your time and can save up to thousands of your hard earned money!

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