Lease Return Inspection

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At Tint World®, we know how exciting it is to get a new car in your garage.

As you get ready to trade-in your vehicle or return your current lease, make sure to minimize any surprise charges by visiting us for a FREE Lease Inspection. Our knowledgeable staff will help you estimate what you owe your leasing company and tell you what can be done to present the car in the best light possible.

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What Charges May Be Due At Lease End?

When you return your leased vehicle back to the leasing company, it will be examined for mileage overages and damages deemed as excessive wear and tear. The costs of the overages and repairing the damages will be imposed as additional charges onto what you already owe.

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If you have driven more than the allowed mileage in your lease agreement, the leasing company may charge you for the excess.

The process is easy, quick, transparent, and secure. See how it works below.

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Follow Tint World®'s Excess wear Criteria & Skip The Surprise Fees

See below what criteria is for excess wear in a leased vehicle

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Let Tint World® Help You Reduce Your Lease Return Fees!

Tint World® wants to ensure that you save money when returning your lease so you are not surprised by any lease charges upon return. We recommend you bring your lease in for our Free Tint World® Lease Inspection!
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What To Expect During The Official Lease Inspection

The official lease inspection will most likely be a “walk and talk” to show you all the things that leasing company could charge you. Be sure to take time stamped pictures when you are at the return. Your returned lease may sit on the dealership lot for 1-3 months before being picked up by manufacturer.

    Helpful Tips:

  • If you need more time to get your car ready before turning it in, ask for an extension. Many auto manufacturers have these available on request.
  • If you are charged fees for excessive-use findings, contest them.
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Avoid Outrages lease returns Fees

Inspection that takes 15 minutes of your time and can save up to thousand of your hard-earned money

Our full-service auto appearance and reconditioning centers can help you save money, because when you suffer lease charges for damage to your leased vehicle at trade in time, the price is usually defined by a dealership’s auto body repair center or a major collision center that will often replace damaged parts instead of repairing them for less. Tint World can help prevent outrageous fees by making sure your vehicle looks its best – at a fraction of the cost!

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