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Light Up The Nite With Style

Turn heads with an amazing exterior lighting system from Tint World®. If you have been thinking about getting exterior lights or already have some installed, a smart LED lighting kit will give your ride an amazing look that you will love. Our LED lights come in hundreds of color combinations and literally dance to your music and freeze on command. All of this you control from your smartphone. Our lighting kits are installed on your vehicle’s underbody, wheels, grille, automotive logos and more. They’ll see you coming and can’t wait for you to drive by to get a look.

The professionals at Tint World® provide the best equipment and expert installation that will guarantee you stand out from the crowd.

Tint World® leads the industry when it comes to advanced exterior LED car lights, Smart LED lighting kits, multi-color lights strips, halogen and LED headlights, and more. For questions about automotive lighting, please contact your local Tint World®.

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HID Headlights for the Brightest lights

Tint World®’s exterior car lighting professionals can help you choose the best upgrades for your vehicle.

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Benefits of Exterior Car Lights:

  • Top quality vehicle lighting

  • Improves nighttime driving visibility

  • Remote Smartphone App Control

  • Professional equipped facilities

  • Professional expert installation

  • Professional authorized dealer

  • Nationwide limited manufacturer's warranty

MECP Trained & Certified Exterior Car Lighting

Tint World® HID headlight technicians are trained and certified by MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals) and are trained on the latest installation techniques to ensure factory-suited car headlight installations that seamlessly integrate with your vehicle.

Do not put your safety at risk or spend your hard-earned money on anything less than the experts at Tint World®. Our technicians have a comprehensive knowledge of vehicle wiring systems and have helped make Tint World® the industry leader in automotive lighting.

MECP Trained Exterior Car Lights, mobile electronics technicians

We Specialize In Interior And Exterior Car Lights

Our Car and Truck Installation Professionals can help you choose the right interior or exterior car lights for your vehicle!

Tint World® interior and exterior car lighting packages come in many colors and options to meet your styling needs that you can even control from your smartphone.

LED headlight kits provide automotive lighting that is 3 times brighter and lasts 10 times longer than standard halogen car lights. HID Xenon Lights come in a variety of colors and brightness, and are the ideal automotive car exterior accessory for driving at night.

Interior car Lights for your vehicle’s interior comes in a wide range of ambient color combinations to express your style and mood that can even bounce the car lights to the music or freeze your favorite color. They can also be controlled remotely from your smartphone.

Halogen vs LED Headlights... What’s Better?

Vehicle headlights are necessary for driving at night and in bad weather, as well as a legal requirement in many states. Most new cars sold in the U.S. still come with halogen headlights. But what’s the better option for your headlights – Halogen or LED?

  • LED bulbs use less energy

  • LED headlights last a lot longer

  • LED headlights are brighter

That said, Headlights in the U.S. are regulated. Unless your vehicle came from the factory with LED headlights, it is illegal to install LED headlights. You’ll have to stick with your old halogen lights. However, this only applies to your forward headlights. All the other lights on your car are good to go with LED lights.

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