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Tint World®’s Colored Headlight Film and Tail Light Lens Film is offered in yellow, blue, or smoke tinted colors. A disclaimer for colored headlight film may be required prior to installation depending on your state location. Colored headlight film material is 8 millimeters thick and will not only protect the lens against rocks and abrasions to keep your glass looking clear rather than milky, but will also add a sporty, unique colored lens look to your lighting.

Tint World® Professional Installers can typically complete a Colored Headlight Film install in about 30 minutes to an hour. If you are having a full Clear-Bra installation that includes headlight protection film, you can upgrade to Colored Headlight Film starting at $50.00 extra.

Clear Colored Headlight Film

Blue Colored Headlight Film

Yellow Colored Headlight Film

Smoke Colored Headlight Film

If you think your headlights could use some extra flare, contact a local Tint World® representative to add some color to your vehicle’s headlights with colored headlight film.

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