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Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Windshield With Impact Protection Film Installation

Tint World® Windshield Film Protection guards you and your passengers from the hazards of today’s highways with Windshield Skin protection film. This invisible windshield film increases strength by adding a protective coating to your windshield, reducing the occurrence of rock chips, stars, pitting and bull’s eyes caused by everyday road debris.

Windshield film protection adds a scratch resistant coating that stands up to everyday abrasions such as wiper blades, stones, and other abrasive materials. Car windshield film protection decreases the chances of objects entering your car through your windshield, windshield film protection helps to hold shattered glass in place in the case of an accident, thereby increasing you and your passengers’ personal safety.

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Expert Windshield Protection Film Services

Safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your view of the road with windshield film protection.

Windshield protection film

Tint World® Styling Center & Performance Upgrade Benefits:

  • Avoid expensive windshield replacements by adding a protective film that is 6 times less likely to break upon high impact from dangerous road debris and elements.

  • Keep your insurance premiums low by keeping expensive windshield replacements off your claim record.

  • Maximize your vehicle’s resale value by replacing a few original OEM parts as possible.

  • Newer vehicle windshields have advanced technology built-in and have increased windshield replacement costs by up to 10x more.

  • Our windshield film is guaranteed to not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow and is also backed by a 5 Year Warranty.

Tint World® Windshield Protection Film Features Top Grade Impact Safety Material

Windshield Film UV Protection
Windshield Film UV Protection

Along with adding strength and durability, Tint World® Windshield Skin film decreases the effects of UV-A and UV-B rays, both reducing the normal fading of your car’s interior and protecting you and your passengers from the sun’s harmful cancer causing effects. Windshield film protection also reduces the amount of solar heat entering your vehicle.

Windshield Film Visibility
Windshield Film Visibility

Tint World® Windshield Skin film is a perfectly clear windshield film protection that improves drivers’ vision by reducing glare and increasing the speed of rain and snow run-off in harsh weather conditions. Windshield film repels rain and snow to give drivers a clearer and safer view while driving (similar to Rain-X).

Windshield Film Installation
Windshield Film Installation

Tint World® Windshield Skin films are thermally fitted to every curve of your car’s windshield, and can be installed within one hour. The windshield film adhesive is strong enough to withstand high-powered car wash streams and does not cause film to lift. Windshield film has a unique adhesive which keeps tightly secured.

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