Solar window tinting, protective solar window ting, UV window film

Tint World® Provides The Best Solar Window Tinting In The Industry!

Automobile front windshields are aerodynamically slanted back, allowing direct sunlight into the vehicle, and exposing the skin and eyes of drivers and passengers. Without solar window tint installed, unwanted solar rays can lead to interior damage, unsafe glare, and even adverse medical effects for you and passengers.

Thankfully, Tint World® Protective Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film has been specifically designed to solve these problems. Our specialized solar window tint allows crystal clear visibility with over 75% visible light transmittance, but blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful, damaging ultraviolet light rays. Solar window tint also provides over 40% heat reduction of the total solar heat energy that enters through your windshield, but without the traditional dark look of tinted glass.

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Solar window tinting, protective solar window ting, UV window film

Solar Window Tint For Windshields

Solar window tint is very similar to traditional window tint, but without the darkened film. Instead, solar window tint is nearly clear but still provides all the benefits of traditional window tint. Tint World® solar window tint is also a protective UV window film, providing you and your family complete ultraviolet protection. Solar window tint reduces infrared heat transmissions, increases interior comfort, enhances glare-free lighting, and adds additional safety from premature skin aging and eye conditions as well as broken glass from collisions. Tint World® Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film can also come with optional shaded protection to reduce bright light, glare, and reflections while driving.

Above all other benefits, UV Window Film and Solar Window Tint protects you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Solar window tint aids in the prevention of skin cancer, light-sensitive migraine headaches, and cataracts.

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Tint World® Solar Window Tinting Features and Benefits

Block UV radiation, solar window tint, solar window film

Block UV Radiation

The best thing about solar window tint is that reduces up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV-A and UV-B cancer causing rays without the need for darkened window film. If you don’t love the idea of having dark windows, but still want to protect your eyes and skin, then solar window tint is the way to go. Over time, UV rays can also damage the interior of your vehicle causing precious leather and vinyl surfaces to fade and crack and hurting the resale value of your vehicle. In addition, solar window film prolongs the life of all rubber, wood, cellular phone, audio and speaker systems.

Solar window tint, solar window film

Increased Safety

A benefit of solar window film that many people may not know about is that it can actually keep your safer in the unfortunate event of an accident. When solar window film is applied to the glass of your vehicle, it provides an extra barrier of protection for increased safety by increasing the shatter resistance of the glass. Not only will the glass be more difficult to break, but the film helps hold shattered glass in place and prevents the shards of glass from flying around the vehicle. Solar window film is also a deterrent to 'smash and grab' thieves since glass with film installed is much harder to break though than regular glass.

Solar window tinting

Reduces Glare

Having solar window film installed can also make you a safer driver by reducing glare and eye fatigue which improves your vision and safety. Better visibility makes you a safer driver for you, your passengers, other drives, and pedestrians. We all know that UV rays are harmful to your skin, but they are just as harmful to your eyes. Instead of driving around town squinting from the sun, have solar window tint installed and enjoy a glare free ride for both you and your passengers.

Solar window tint

Reduces Heat

Just like with traditional window film, solar window film is very effective in keeping the interior of your vehicle cool and reduces up to 70% of the heat. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area with hot summers. Since the interior of your vehicle will be naturally cooler, you will find that you have to use your air conditioning system less often which will also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. You will also have a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Also, since solar window film can be applied to your windshield, your vehicle will be even cooler than if you had traditional window tint installed.

Which Tint Shade Is Right For You?

Window tinting shades are measured by VLT (visible light transmission) which is the percentage of light that passes through your windows. The higher the percentage, the lighter the tint. Open Visual Tinter

100% Visible Light Transmission

Move the slider below to explore a tint shade that's right for you.

Factory Tinted Windows vs Aftermarket Window Tinting

Most, if not all new Model SUV's and Mini-Vans come equipped with a dark 15% visible light transmission 'factory tint' on vehicle windows other than the front driver and passenger windows and of course, the windshield. SUV owners should recognize that they have only tackled one very small portion of their tinting requirements! This is a new age in technology and Tint World offers solution tint packages that will match any budget.

Aftermarket window tinting, tinted windows

Factory Tint Has Limited Heat Rejection
Factory Tint Has Limited Heat Rejection

SUV owners are not aware that the factory tinted glass has a very limited heat rejection coefficient and in most cases virtually no ultraviolet; UVA or UVB reduction! Sure, glare is reduced by nearly 80% and your passengers have additional privacy, but the heat gain through “factory tinted” glass is very often extreme and the UV remains un-blocked!

Tint World Film Has Increased UV Rejection
Tint World® Film Has Increased UV Rejection

Tint World’s professionally installed aftermarket films have nearly 99.9% UVA and UVB rejection and heat rejection at a factor of double or more compared to the 'factory tinted' rear windows.

Tint World Knows Local State Tint Laws
Tint World® Knows Local State Tint Laws

We only install front window visible light transmission films VLT that meets the law. For example; In Florida that requirement is a 28% VLT for front windows. The installation of window film on a windshield is not legally permitted with the exception of a strip that is frequently installed on the top of the windshield glass from the interior right up to the AS1 line.

Factory Tint Has Very Light VLT Film
Factory Tint Has Very Light VLT Film

Many SUV drivers will have a very light 50% VLT film or higher installed on their interior glass of the 'factory tinted' glass to gain double the heat rejection and UV rejection without adding any additional reflectivity to the glass!

Tint World Film Won’t Interfere With EM Signals
Tint World® Film Won’t Interfere With EM Signals

With the rapid growth of on-board electronics and BlueTooth technology, Tint World® Films will not interfere with EM signals that also relate to GPS, radar detectors or premium satellite radio like XM or Sirius.

Tint World Film Matching Professionals
Tint World® Film Matching Professionals

Our pros know the critical requirement it takes to 'match' the color of the aftermarket window film and the flat reflectivity; or rather non reflective, elements of the 'factory tinted' glass. In both instances the front driver and passenger windows will have a perfect color match to the rear glass.

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