Legal tint limits, car window tinting laws

General Compliance & Legislation On Legal Tint Limits

Local Compliance

It is legal to tint your car windows in most states. New cars have a very slight factory window tint integrated into the glass which does very little to block heat or harmful UV rays. Tint World® films are rated so that they are within window tint regulations when applied to the factory tinted glass. If desired, you can receive a certificate of compliance with local window tint regulations along with your warranty card and care instructions when your tint is installed.


Many jurisdictions have legislation that specifies and may limit what legal tint can be applied to the windows of personal use vehicles. The following provides general information and a summary of the window tint regulations in the United States and Canada. For information on applicable window tint regulations in other countries contact the International Window Film Association.

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Tint World® adheres strictly to local state window tint regulations. If you have specific questions about window tint regulations in your area, please contact your local Tint World® for help. Enter your email to immediately receive access to our window tint regulation charts.

Explanation of the State Window Tint Regulations Chart

  • Type:

    Film——-VLT% refers to the film itself
    Net——–VLT% refers to the combined film & glass
    Vague—–The language of the law is unclear, legislative intent is unclear, or interpretation is uncertain.

  • Restricted Colors:

    R (Red), A (Amber), Y (Yellow), B (Blue), G (Gold), BK (Black), N/S (Not specified)

  • Windshield:

    Presumably, NR tinting is permitted above the AS-1 line. If the law specifies only the AS-1 line, AS-1 appears. If AS-1 or specified inches appears, the AS-1 is assumed and only the number of inches down appears. (Note: NR is used in lieu of “No, Any, or a specific percentage” when the law permits unspecified “non-obstructive” or “Transparent” tinting materials. In these cases, window tint regulations inevitably depend upon each officer’s discretion.

  • Mirrors:

    YES or NO. (Note: Usually, a (YES means that dual outside mirrors are required if the back window is to be tinted.)

  • Certification Required:

    YES or NO. (Note: This refers to a requirement for manufacturers to certify the films they plan to sell before shipping them into the state.)

  • Front Sides:

    No film or the actual percentage of VLT permitted. (Note: Because they may vary from state to state, manufacturer’s tolerances (i.e. + / – 3% VLT) are not listed on this chart, nor are they included in these VLT numbers).

  • Certification Required:

    YES or NO. (Note: This refers to a requirement for manufacturers to certify the films they plan to sell before shipping them into the state.)

  • Stckr/Loc (Sticker Location):

    NO (No sticker is required) RECOMMEND (Sticker is recommended; can assist officers in identifying legal tint more easily.)

  • MPV:

    Multi Purpose Vehicle, a vehicle with motive power, except a trailer, designed to carry ten people or less that is constructed either on a truck chassis or has special features for occasional off-road operation.

  • Specific Locations:

    The State requires unique language & design, which may entail precise wording and sizing.

  • Back Sides:

    No film or the actual percentage of VLT permitted.

  • Driver:

    The sticker is required between the film & glass on the driver’s side window.

  • Rear:

    No film or the actual percentage of VLT permitted.

  • % of Reflectivity:

    NR——–No metallic or mirrored appearance
    NE———Not excessive (not specific)
    MNIR—–Must not increase reflectivity
    MBNR—-Must be non-reflective (not specific)
    NMMA—-No metallic or mirrored appearance
    NONE—–No reference to reflectivity in the current law

  • Door:

    The sticker is required on the inside of the driver’s side doorjamb.

  • All:

    The sticker should be put between the film & glass on each tinted window.

  • Medical Exemption:

    YES or NO. (Note: For more details about the specific terms of the exemption, consult the law.)

    This summary chart of state aftermarket tint regulation information is not a legal document. It is the result of independent research, using several sources of public state documents. Window tint regulations vary from state to state and province to province. Before applying any window tinting materials, installers should thoroughly review the appropriate state window tint regulations as well as local enforcement policies to insure compliance with all applicable standards.

    legal tint limit, car window tinting laws

    Window Tint Laws – Do You Comply?

    If you already have your vehicle windows tinted, but aren’t quite sure if they comply with your local state laws, bring your vehicle into Tint World® for an inspection. Window tinting state regulations are always changing and it’s important to make sure your window tint is within the legal limit. Our Tint World® technicians have been tinting vehicles for years and are experts in window tint laws and always stay informed and up to date on local regulations.

    Before vehicle inspection, bring your vehicle into Tint World®. This will save you both time and money because you won’t fail inspection, be required to have your window tint removed, go back to inspection a second time, pass inspection, and then have your window tint re-installed.

    By coming into Tint World® first, you can be sure your vehicle will pass inspection the first time and put your mind at ease that you are complying with the local tint laws in your area. Instead of wondering if your window tinting is within the legal limits, drive with confidence knowing that your abiding by the law. If you are not complying to the law, not only may you fail your inspection, but you could be ticketed and fined for having window tint that is too dark or doesn’t meet the legal limit.

    Here's How It Works

    window tint

    Step 1

    Bring your vehicle into Tint World® for an inspection. Our expert technicians will inspect your window tint and tell you whether or not your window tint meets state regulations.

    window tint

    Step 2

    If your vehicle does not comply with state laws and regulations, purchase a Tint World® Tint Removal Package and our expert technicians will remove your window tint safely.

    window tint

    Step 3

    Once your vehicle passes inspection, bring your vehicle back to Tint World® and find a window tint package that meets your needs and budget. Our friendly staff is always available to explain all of the different options to you.

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    Tint World Window Tint Regulations

    Why Do Window Tint Laws Exist?

    You are probably wondering why window tint laws were put into place? While they may seem bothersome and annoying at times, window tinting laws serve a very important purpose in keeping everyone safe.

    Window tint laws exist to protect you, other drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists, and anyone else out on the road by ensuring that you have proper visibility with each other. It is very important that you are able to make eye contact with other drivers. Tint laws also ensure that police officers and highway patrol officers have visibility into your vehicle and can make eye contact with you.

    There Are Exceptions To The Law

    In some cases, trucks, motor buses, trailers, motor homes, and livery vehicles rear windows may be tinted as dark as desired as long as the vehicle is equipped with both left and right side rear view mirrors. If vehicles are used for commercial or livery use, they may be exempt from the standard window tinting laws.

    There are also various reasons that a medical exemption can be filed. Each state has their own window tinting regulations and your local tint laws should be consulted.

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    Legal tint limits

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