Catholics believe in prayer, a communion with God. Prayer can be done silently or spoken in public or in private. Catholics sing the psalms, a significant part of the church’s communal prayer from its earliest days. Prayers is a communication with God. Blessed Sacred is a welcoming sacred community called by God to live according to the message of Christ in love and service to people.

Brief History

Archbishop Robert E. Lucey founded the Blessed Sacrament in San Antonio during the summer of 1956. The church was started to accommodate the 405 families in the area, the North Central part of the city. The boundaries of the church were Olmos Creek on the South and Missouri Pacific PR on the East.

On the west was Blanco Road, covering about 4.4 miles north of the Bitters Road and Blanco Road junction. Rev Charles J. Drees was the first pastor, and the first service took place at Mount Sacred Heart School Chapel.

Change Facilitated Growth

In 1973, a fundraising was conducted to finance the building of a permanent church. The effort led to building of the current beautiful structure, with a capacity to accommodate 800 people. Archbishop Francis J. Furey dedicated the newly built church structure in July 1976.

In 1977, Father Michael O’Gorman who performed many activities for the Parish, succeeded Father Smith. He planned the demolition of the original church building and replaced it with a Parish Centre. In 1990, he was transferred to St. Gregory the Great parish. The current pastor, Father John Donoghue, was his successor.

The Parish was dedicated in 1998. It now includes 1400 families and carries on with its tradition of prayer. His Excellency, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, was responsible for the dedication of the beautiful adoration chapel.

Church Philosophy

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church believes that it is a family of Gods people, called as one to witness the presence of God. That it is part of the larger Archdiocesan and Universal Church. Blessed Sacrament believes that community members have a right and responsibility to take part in the faith life of the church and to spread the ministry of the parish.

Blessed Sacrament believes in faithful handling of the resources; it is a part of the parish’s resources and witness. The word of God is a gift that should be a cherished and shared wisdom.

The Eucharist is the Centre of our life and its reason. It also shows unity of the believers. Blessed Sacrament believes it is the responsibility of the parish to know the global issues at the time and give support to the efforts to promote social justice.


A parish is a community of believers and a spiritual family that gives support and love. This is a place of spiritual growth, where you can act on your faith, and use your gifts, time and talent to honor God as Christ’s disciple. Blessed Sacrament is ready to answer all the questions you might have about its parish and about God.

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