4 Great Ways to Upgrade Your Vehicle

November 17, 2020

We get it. It might not be as shiny and new as it used to be, but you love your vehicle just the same as when you first got it. At Tint World®, we’re dedicated to helping owners get the most out of their vehicle. Check out some economical upgrades we offer to help keep your vehicle in great shape and boost your comfort: Windshield protection film. It’s easy to take windshields for granted, until something cracks or chips them. Tint World® offers windshield protection film from Exoshield and Targe to make the glass of your windshield more durable. Plus, our window film installation experts will make sure the film is applied smoothly and correctly so you’ll never notice it. Headlight film. Like a car’s paint job, headlights can wear out and show signs of age over the years. Protect them with headlight film to keep them shining bright and clear. Available in clear, tinted shades of black (smoked lights), and custom colors like yellow, red, and blue. Nano Ceramic Coating. Boost the shine and lifespan of your car’s paint job with an application of Tint World® Nano Ceramic Coating. By the time our experts are done, your vehicle might look even better than it did fresh out of the factory and be completely protected! Remote start. While Tint World® offers great ways to keep your vehicle looking good, there’s no reason to not treat yourself a little, too. Why continue to suffer in extreme temperatures while waiting for your vehicle to heat up or cool down. Our technicians can install aftermarket remote start systems in most vehicles to allow drivers to start them without having to venture outside. With the Viper Smart Start, you can even start, lock, and track your car using a smartphone app. Tint World® is ready to give your car the upgrades it deserves while making driving more enjoyable for you. Contact your local Tint World® location to learn more about our paint protection film and other services and request a quote.