5 Reasons to Install Protective Film at Your Business

August 25, 2015

While you may try to do everything you can to improve your business’ efficiency and protect your employees, one aspect you may have overlooked is your business’ windows. Applying a protective window film like the ones sold at Tint World® will provide you with countless benefits that you might’ve been unaware of before. Today, we will highlight five of these benefits and help show you why protective window film should be your next investment.

  1. Energy Savings – During the summer months, Tint World®’s solar window film blocks as much as 80% of the sun’s heat. This will dramatically lower your air conditioning costs, allowing you to reinvest money that typically goes to this expense somewhere else within your business. During the winter, this same solar window film retains interior heat, reducing your heating costs. Again, this will cut expenses and allow you to spend the money to improve your business. Also, because your heating and cooling system will not have to work as hard, it should increase the system’s longevity.
  2. Deter Break-ins – Commercial window film has an added security benefit that may seem small, but could save you from a break-in in the future. Tint World®’s security window film holds broken glass together, preventing it from shattering. This not only protects individuals from the dangers of broken glass, it can also deter thieves. Because many break-ins are predicated on speed of entry and exit, the extra time and effort it takes to gain entry through a window or glass pane protected by security film can cause potential thieves to abandon their plans.
  3. Increase Privacy – Solar window film also increases your business’ privacy, allowing you to give your employees a view of the outdoors without letting those outside see in. Rather than drawing blinds and reducing your natural lighting and your employees’ and customers’ view, solar window film gives you that privacy with no added sacrifice.
  4. Protect Interiors – By blocking many of the sun’s harmful rays and heat, solar window film can protect the interiors of your business from fading and cracking. Items such as tabletops and leather chairs will last far longer when protected by solar window film, allowing you to replace them less often, which will save you money in the long run.
  5. Protect from UV Rays – Perhaps most importantly, installing solar window film to your business will protect your employees from extended exposure to harmful UV rays. Tint World® films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and can reduce the risk of an employee developing skin cancer due to sun exposure while at work. This relatively small expense could prevent a major health issue.

As you can see, installing protective film at your business can provide you with tremendous benefits that save you money and protect your employees. If you have any questions about protective window film, visit your local Tint World® and speak to one of our trained professionals today.