Tinting Laws – What to Know

May 26, 2016

If you want to tint your car, it’s important to know what’s consider legal and what isn’t. In certain states such as Michigan, getting caught with illegal tint could cost as much as $115. Understanding car tinting laws for your state will help you be prepared before having car tinting installed on your vehicle.

At Tint World, we want your tinted windows to look great, but we also want you to stay legal as well. So, before you come visit one of our locations, here are the top car tinting laws you need to know. 

  • State by state: Laws regarding tint vary by state and in some areas, they can differ slightly from region to region – even within the same state. Laws also vary depending on where you want to put the tint. For example, in New Hampshire and New Jersey, it is illegal to put window tint on the front windows but allowed to install tint on the rear sides and back windows.
  • VLT percentage: Window tint is categorized by its visible light-transmission levels, or VLT percentage. The lower the percent, the darker the tint. Film VLT percentage refers to the film itself while Net VLT refers to the combination of the film and the glass. State laws vary on how legality is determined but for the most part, net percentage is what’s counted.
  • Front windshield: For the most part, non-reflective tint is allowed as long as it’s above your vehicle’s approved safety glass line (AS-1). This line depends on the manufacturer and in some states like Michigan, windshield tint allowance is actually determined by inches on the top of the window.
  • Reflectiveness: Just like the lenses in your sunglasses, window tint can also be reflective and state laws govern just how much you can safely install. Most states like Florida and Texas don’t want more than 25 to 35 percent reflectiveness but in other parts of the county, reflective tint is completely restricted.

Staying legal when having window tint installed will help you enjoy your hassle free. To find out more about car tinting laws in your area, contact your local Tint World® today.