Your car’s beauty runs only skin deep, your engine runs the rest

May 16, 2017

While Tint World® can tint, accessorize and outfit your vehicle with tubular installations and the best alarm and audio systems on the market, we can also take care of your car’s most important parts: The engine and its many components.

After all, it doesn’t matter how decked out or attractive your vehicle is if it’s sitting helplessly on the side of the road.

And Tint World® can help you save time – we can change your oil, give your car a tune-up and accessorize or outfit your vehicle in one convenient stop.

Here is a sampling of our automotive services available at most Tint World locations:

-Tune-ups, diagnostics and engine repairs: What’s up with that click and clack or that pesky engine light? We can diagnose the problem – and fix it. We can also change your oil – the lifeblood of your car – and make expert decisions on the best blend for your ride and your budget. We can make sure your air conditioning is working as efficiently as it can before you embark on that summer road trip. Regular maintenance can vastly expand the lifespan of your vehicle.

–Battery sales and charging systems: Remember that time you returned home on a red-eye flight only to find your car’s battery dead in the airport parking lot? Don’t relive that trauma – we can make sure your battery and alternators are operating efficiently and do not need replacement. We can ensure there’s plenty of juice to power your ride. If not, our experts can replace your battery quickly and cheaply.

–Brake repairs: Give your brakes a break by letting us examine your pads and other parts. Failure to adequately monitor the state of your pads can quickly lead to more dire – and expensive – problems with rotors and calipers. Our trained and certified technicians can give you peace of mind and let you rest assured your brakes aren’t broken – or about to be.

–Tires, wheels, and alignment: If you’ve given a curb a good kiss, or shimmy your way to work every day, you might have an alignment problem, which will markedly accelerate tire wear. Our tire, wheels and alignment services experts will ensure the wheels on your ride go round and round as they should.

Visit Tint World for more information on our expert automotive repair capabilities, or call 800-767-8468.