Coat, wrap and wash your car to protect it from the silent ravages of road salt

February 1, 2018

Tint World® protective coatings can prevent rust and corrosion

Winter roads can leave your car briny and grimy, but the damage it does can be only skin-deep with Tint World® protective paint coatings and films.

Municipal and state transportation departments spray salt brine (salt mixed with magnesium chloride) by the ton on roads in the winter. It is more effective and cheaper than rock salt, which tended to bounce off roads in bulk when applied to snow- or ice-covered roads. It does its job quite well unless overwhelmed by snowfall rates. The problem? Magnesium chloride is highly corrosive, and its long-term effects on your vehicle can range from rusty mufflers to pitted quarter-panels and undercarriage deterioration. It tends to remain wet at higher humidity levels, increasing its caustic properties even when the car is parked in a garage.

One obvious preventative and maintenance measure is to wash your car regularly in the winter. There’s a reason long lines form at car washes after a snowstorm. But remember that the brine mixture is often applied to roads before storms commence. That means your car can be covered with the corrosive substance even if you are able to take a snow day and stay off the roads.

While there is no more straight-forward way than simply washing your car to remove brine, Tint World offers some ways to ultimately limit the damage to your car:

So if you want to protect your investment from the ravages of salt brine, wrap it, coat it and wash it.

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