Tint World® safety features can protect your family and car

January 29, 2018

From rear-view cameras to car security, we can help you navigate a dangerous world.

Tint World® can outfit and accessorize the car of your dreams, and we can also help keep you and your family safe.

All new cars, for instance, need to be equipped with rear-view cameras starting this spring, but if you have an older model car it can easily be retrofitted with the device. This feature is proven to reduce accidental death and injury.

Here’s a look at other ways we can improve the general safety of your vehicle:

  • Headlights: Our high-intensity discharge and LED lights provide a brighter view of the road and roadsides ahead, increasing your braking distance.
  • Night-vision cameras: This feature can augment the effectiveness of your headlights by detecting objects or animals on the roadway or roadside ahead and displaying an image of the threat on a display screen.
  • Remote starts: Danger doesn’t just lurk on the highways. Tint World offers a range of remote start and security options from leading brands such as Viper, Compustar and Avital. The remote start and automatic door-lock action gets you ahead of the game in the event someone is stalking a parking garage, and our security systems can literally sound an alarm.
  • Window tint: Our range of car-window tinting options offers protection from both the glare of the sun in summer and winter and cancer-causing UV rays. It also can protect your eyes from a number of progressive diseases.
  • Wheels and tires: Our technicians can help you determine the best tires, with the best grip, for your everyday driving needs. We also offer tires specifically designed for off-road, all-weather or snow.
  • Navigation systems: Driving through unknown territory can be dangerous just because you are unfamiliar with the roads and any potential hazards. An investment in a navigation system and Blue Tooth means you can always know where you are and communicate quickly should an emergency arise.

All the safety features in the world can’t negate the need for a good, cautious driver, but Tint World® can definitely improve your chances of safe transit to wherever you want to go. Contact your local Tint World® today for a free quote on any of the items mentioned above.